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We’ve Heard…

Some Leonard Koans I’ve heard the soul is diamond in the rough That pain must polish it to a bright display; But mine is diamond dust that’s blown away. (from “I’ve Counted What I Have”) Now I heard there was … Continue reading

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First New Lyrics in Years

Exempt of Every Faculty   They say: you can lead a horse to water, But you can’t make him drink; I say: you can teach a youth to read, But you can’t make him think, Because he’s exempt of every … Continue reading

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Turn Off Your Mind, Relax and Float…

Zen Koans   We all think too much. It’s a result of depending on the scientific method to solve the mysteries of life. Sometimes, we just need to let go of it all and allow the truth to sink into … Continue reading

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Your Mind’s Circular Thinking

The Windmills of Your Mind When Michel Legrand composed this song in the 60’s, we all thought, “How clever!” Now, it is beginning to look like he was spiritually in touch with why we have such a hard time thinking … Continue reading

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Gringotts’ Warning

Marine Building, Vancouver, BC Enter stranger, but take heed Of what awaits the sin of greed, For those who take, but do not earn, Must pay most dearly in their turn, So if you seek beneath our floors A treasure … Continue reading

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Life is a Great Tapestry (Albert Einstein)

We are Each an Insignificant Thread Sometimes the inspiration of my daily post is something that I read on a Facebook page, like today’s from Center for Action and Contemplation. It was the use of the word “weave” which caught … Continue reading

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A Humble Perspective

Spirits That Come For A Human Experience This is the 2007 follow-up book to Jamie Best’s Fountain booklet, The Naked Heart. When I contacted Jamie via Facebook in August, he told me about it. He offered to let me read a … Continue reading

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