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Life is a Great Tapestry (Albert Einstein)

We are Each an Insignificant Thread Sometimes the inspiration of my daily post is something that I read on a Facebook page, like today’s from Center for Action and Contemplation. It was the use of the word “weave” which caught … Continue reading

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A Humble Perspective

Spirits That Come For A Human Experience This is the 2007 follow-up book to Jamie Best’s Fountain booklet,┬áThe Naked Heart. When I contacted Jamie via Facebook in August, he told me about it. He offered to let me read a … Continue reading

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The Naked Heart

The Sight of the Planets in Man From the outside I look at man, in his present form and posture; as I see the whole of his reality, all radiance and expression, characteristics and mannerisms; so I see the Sun … Continue reading

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Proverbs 31: Wise Women

An Acrostic Poem In the course of writing poetry over the years, I have employed a technique that helps drive the process of creating sonnets, while ‘hiding’ the meaning in plain sight. I write acrostic poems. What I hadn’t realized … Continue reading

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De-Cypher: Something from “Nothing”?

Deciphering a Hidden Message When I wrote the poem “My Satanic Struggle” in 1975, I was exorcising my past, my childhood, growing up with a troubled individual in the household. My adoptive father, Rus, wasn’t crazy, but he was unsettling. … Continue reading

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Today (translation of “Carpe Diem”)

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Jacqui’s Poem

via Daily Prompt: Winsome Jacqui’s Sonnet   You came to visit us yesterday Not realizing fully what God’s schemes Involved; and never in your wildest dreams Did you imagine what you’d come to say. Susan said you two’d never found … Continue reading

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