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The Enneagram (Redux)

Originally posted on cdsmiller17:
? It’s an interesting image, the Enneagram. The hidden message is the solution to π: 3.142857. I have tried to encode the following poem with the same message.     Enneagram   The symbol of esoteric…

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It’s All Starting to Make Sense, Finally

Troubadour As you may recall, I like writing poetry; and the sonnet is my format of choice, for many reasons. But I’d never understood why, before yesterday. That’s when I learned that sonnets may have evolved from the musical poetry … Continue reading

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Was Shakespeare a Freemason?

Shakespeare Tablet The more I research this particular subject matter, the more it seems to be true. Take the text from this online site: The Dedication to the Sonnets The dedication prefixed to Shakespeare’s Sonnets is one of the most … Continue reading

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Was His Sudden Death a “Times-Up” Event?

William Shakespeare (April 23, 1564 – April 23, 1616) Another WordPress blogger posted an interesting question today: was Shakespeare a Mason? I’d never considered that before. But it begs the question: how did he know so much of the ‘hidden’ … Continue reading

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God’s Fool

(Adapted from, and with apologies to, Kahlil Gibran) God’s Fool Once upon a time, a dreamer came from His desert home to see the big city. Ignorant of the city ways and tongue, He misunderstood hospitality As banquets, bestowed by … Continue reading

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On His Retirement

  As he comes to the end of a career, Howard thinks back to the beginning Of his Credit Union days, when winning Wasn’t foremost on his mind, nor was fear About the future: he’d a ship to steer Right … Continue reading

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