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The Historical Origins of Freemasonry

Grand Lodge of England (June 24, 1717) Let me be upfront with you: I am not a Mason, so I have no ‘insider’ information. But I’m not so sure about any of my past lives. I seem to ‘know’ more … Continue reading

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Was His Sudden Death a “Times-Up” Event?

William Shakespeare (April 23, 1564 – April 23, 1616) Another WordPress blogger posted an interesting question today: was Shakespeare a Mason? I’d never considered that before. But it begs the question: how did he know so much of the ‘hidden’ … Continue reading

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What Makes Secret Societies So Fascinating?

They’re Secret! Hiding in plain sight? No, not exactly. If you want to garner attention for your group, just tell the world that you have a secret, and watch as they beat a path to your door. But what if … Continue reading

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Illuminati: Hidden in Plain Sight

The Owl of Minerva It turns out that the Bavarian Illuminati group was created this day in 1776. The image, shown above, was adopted as its symbol. (And in case you’ve never noticed, the word knowledge has an owl built … Continue reading

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