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Can What You Don’t Know Hurt You?

Unacknowledged My daughter, Rosanna, and her husband watched this film on Netflix the other day. When they told me, I checked it out on YouTube. The whole film can be seen here:   So this film, by inference, raises the … Continue reading

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Beliefs: What Do I Know?

The Question Yesterday, at our Faith and Science group, we got into a discussion about “when do our beliefs turn into certainties?” As always, when we try to approach these things from an intellectual point-of-view, our inquiries fail to reach … Continue reading

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Quantum Physics is Spiritual in Nature

What the *bleep* do we know? I watched this film ten years ago. I was impressed by the way they portrayed the quandary Quantum Physicists have when trying to grasp the meaning of their discoveries. It turns out they are … Continue reading

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Procreation   Cretan women, in childbirth, can smother Raging contractions with the dictamnus Evergreen, which has the strength of Somnus To allay anxieties that pother. A wreath of it in her hair, another New Luna made the ancients feel anxious: … Continue reading

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