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In Our House, We Believe:

Faith Can Move Mountains There is so much we cannot know, mainly because of our disconnect from the Truth, that we have to take on faith. Now, if you’re like me, your faith can be tested from time-to-time. But it … Continue reading

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A Modern Example of a Maven*

Mark Alpert (November 6, 1942) Malcolm Gladwell, in his book “The Tipping Point”, interviewed this man, when he was still at the University of Texas. Mark Alpert is a slender, energetic man in his fifties [in 2000]. He has dark … Continue reading

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And the Darkness Comprehended It Not

When There is Enough Light Shining In my dream (from early this morning), different Miller family members were assembled in a living room setting. There were several lamps scattered around the room. My ‘job’ was to turn the lamps on, … Continue reading

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When the Light of Knowledge is Seen Again…

The Search for Meaning There is a passage from “Ego and Archetype” which is a Jewish legend. I will quote that legend here. Prior to the birth of a child, God calls the seed of the future human being before … Continue reading

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Did You Know that Our Creator is a Goddess?

Divine Sophia (Wisdom) It has always seemed strange to me that the idea of a female creator is something that most modern thinkers would reject. I’ve written about Sophia before, especially with reference to Gnostic myths, so the thinking on … Continue reading

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Is Castaneda’s Assemblage Point an Alien Implant?

David Wilcock Discusses One Aspect of Dr. Pete Peterson’s Work Pete also was involved in a program in which the nervous system was mapped out in meticulous detail. He discovered that we have a dimple in the middle of each … Continue reading

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Astrology: What a Fraud Chart Looks Like

This is the precise moment when a fraudster repeated his (or her) actions in order to benefit from CERB using My Account with the Canada Revenue Agency. On its own, there is nothing very dramatic about the crime. But when … Continue reading

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Who Am I, Really?

More than the Sum of My Body Parts It’s a fair question. One’s identity is so tied up with self-image that it can get confusing at times. Now, think about that word “image“. Have you ever considered what it could … Continue reading

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How I’m Feeling Today

Like a wise old bird who doesn’t give a hoot!

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Seeking the Hidden Treasure in One’s Self

I had another dream last night. It involved the discovery of an error in calculation. Specifically, the over-estimation of a value or quantity in my inventory of assets. Still too oblique? It doesn’t matter, really, because the important point was … Continue reading

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