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Xenophobia: Fear of the Unknown and the “Other”

Voyagers (2021) We watched this sci-fi film, last night, and I was left with the distinct impression that it was an allegory of humanity in a microcosm. Call it Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica and 2001: a Space Odyssey all wrapped … Continue reading

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Context: Is There a Magic Number for Groups?

The Rule of One Hundred and Fifty From “The Tipping Point”: Humans socialize in the largest groups of all primates because we are the only animals with brains large enough to handle the complexities of that social arrangement. [Robin] Dunbar … Continue reading

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Are We Ready for the Future? Will We Even See IT?

Technological Singularity There is a sequence in the film “2001: a Space Odyssey” when HAL (IBM) has a human response to the idea that David could shut it down. HAL was facing death/deactivation. The technological singularity—or simply the singularity—is a … Continue reading

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The Wellspring*: The Plan for Humanity

October 3, 2021: *New Channelling (XIII) Belief is an individual thing. It comes from a knowing: formed through some stories you have been told; and also from an innate knowledge at your soul level. While living in a society that … Continue reading

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“I Don’t Know: Am I My Brother’s Keeper?”

Cain and Abel (Genesis 4: 1-18) One was a farmer, the other a shepherd. They were, by legend, the first two children of Adam and Eve. And, also according to legend, the first murderer and his victim. And God played … Continue reading

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Is Castaneda’s Assemblage Point an Alien Implant?

David Wilcock Discusses One Aspect of Dr. Pete Peterson’s Work Pete also was involved in a program in which the nervous system was mapped out in meticulous detail. He discovered that we have a dimple in the middle of each … Continue reading

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Hang On: Did We Miss a Step?

The 4th Dimension This morning the following quote from 3 years ago today came up on my Facebook memories: Confederation sources frequently have said that we are already enjoying the first light of fourth density. This and many other communications … Continue reading

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How to Defeat an Invisible Enemy

A Bullet with My Name on It. This will sound weird, but I’ve come to understand that each of us is our own worst enemy. We are silently (and, sometimes, not so silently) sabotaging our health and wellbeing. You know … Continue reading

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The Seven Directions

Lakota Wisdom: Circle of Life. The chart above shows the seven directions being matched with our seven chakras. I’m not sure that I totally agree with the Center being linked with the 6th chakra, because it so much more likely … Continue reading

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The “Real” Mister Rogers

Won’t You Be My Neighbor? (From IMDb) Storyline Charmingly soft-spoken and yet powerfully incisive expressing his profound ideals, Fred Rogers was a unique presence on television for generations. Through interviews of his family and colleagues, the life of this would-be … Continue reading

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