Is Castaneda’s Assemblage Point an Alien Implant?

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David Wilcock Discusses One Aspect of Dr. Pete Peterson’s Work

Pete also was involved in a program in which the nervous system was mapped out in meticulous detail. He discovered that we have a dimple in the middle of each shoulder blade where a huge cluster of nerve fibers all intersect before going on up to the brain. He said this serves no practical purpose for the body, other than that it feels terrific when the area is massaged. These nerve clusters are believed to be a product of intelligent genetic tinkering with the human body, such as by extraterrestrials. Pete and his insiders feel we were meant to use these areas once we learned how to access them. Special energetic fields can pump visual information, sounds, and thoughts directly into the brain through these areas, which they call “ports.”

Wilcock, David. The Ascension Mysteries (pp. 324-325). Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

Sometimes, it takes a couple of centuries to completely understand what a seer was trying to say. And even though I have a connection to Blake, these things can slip past me, too. It took David Wilcock to bring it all together for me, today…

The Chrysalis has a good explanation as to what this might mean when discussing Castaneda’s term. They liken it to Blake’s illustration of the “Fourfold Humanity”.

‘As described to Castaneda by his teacher, don Juan, the assemblage point is a point on the outer circumference or shell of the luminous sphere that we are essentially and appear to those who “see” — seers. The assemblage point appears about an arm’s length from the middle of the shoulder blades on the surface of the luminous body. This luminous sphere, luminous egg, or luminous body, as described by don Juan, bears a striking resemblance to William Blake’s illustration of the “fourfold Humanity”.’

This has now been adapted further to show the intersection of 4 kinds of ‘knowledge’:

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The four fields of knowledge are:

  1. I → inner
  2. I → other persons (inner)
  3. other persons → I
  4. I → the world

These four fields arise from combining two pairs: Myself and the World; and Outer Appearance and Inner Experience. He notes that humans only have direct access to fields one and four.

Field one is being aware of your feelings and thoughts and most closely correlates to self awareness. He argues this is fundamentally the study of attention. He differentiates between when your attention is captured by the item it focuses upon, which is when a human being functions much like a machine; and when a person consciously directs their attention according to their choosing. This for him is the difference between being lived and living.

Field two is being aware of what other people are thinking and feeling.

Despite these problems we do experience a ‘meeting of minds’ with other individuals at certain times. People are even able to ignore the words actually said, and say something like “I don’t agree with what you are saying; but I do agree with what you mean.” Schumacher argues that one of the reasons we can understand other people is through bodily experience, because so many bodily expressions, gestures and postures are part of our common human heritage.

Schumacher observes that the traditional answer to the study of field two has been “You can understand others to the extent you understand yourself.” Schumacher points out that this a logical development of the principle of adequateness, how can you understand someone’s pain unless you too have experienced pain?

Field three is understanding yourself as an objective phenomenon. Knowledge in field three requires you to be aware what other people think of you.

Schumacher observes that relying on just field one knowledge makes you feel that you are the centre of the universe; while focusing on field three knowledge makes you feel that you are far more insignificant. Seeking self-knowledge via both fields provides more balanced and accurate self-knowledge.

Field four is the behaviourist study of the outside world. Science is highly active in this area of knowledge and many people believe it is the only field in which true knowledge can be gained. For Schumacher, applying the scientific approach is highly appropriate in this field.

Blake’s Short Poem (in an 1802 letter to Thomas Butts)

Now I fourfold vision see

And a fourfold vision is given to me

Tis fourfold in my supreme delight

And three fold in soft Beulahs night

And twofold Always. May God us keep

From Single vision & Newtons sleep


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