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Blackout 2003: Pluto Strikes Again

Toronto in the Dark This is a sight that one never expects to see. A whole region of country blacked out. This one started in Akron, Ohio and quickly spread to other parts of the USA and Canada. I was … Continue reading

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Innocent Gesture or Sexual Grooming?

Shoulder Rub I suspect it all comes down to intent. In my last position as a supervisor, I offered a shoulder rub to a female employee, while she sat at her desk, working hard at entering information into her computer. … Continue reading

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Just “Because”…

In terms of pop rivals, this was the biggest in 1964. Even Oasis and Blur couldn’t rival it. Dave Clark 5 At the beginning of their career, this song was one of their best:     The Beatles Towards the … Continue reading

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Crossover Stars: UK to Canada and USA

Thomas Craig It isn’t often that a ‘jobbing’ actor gets to be on two hit TV series, one on each side of the Atlantic Ocean. That is precisely what happened to Thomas Craig. Coronation Street Between 1992 and 1996, Thomas … Continue reading

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Context: a little gallows humour

Spiritual Direction? There is an urban myth which we had recounted to us by the leader of our Faith and Science group yesterday. Here is a written version from 1993: Many have heard the story of the man whose devotional … Continue reading

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Too Good (Looking) To Be True

Richard Chamberlain Growing up during the 60’s, the doctor shows were as popular as the police shows. (Nothing changes…) But once in a while, an actor would show up, step forward into the spotlight, and proceed to capture our (collective) … Continue reading

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Model Blue Jays in Conflict

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