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Two More Spiritual Newspeak Terms

logophilia Addiction to words. Belief that all words contain hidden meanings, provided that you have the time and patience to look up their constituent parts in enough different languages (however unrelated); or that given sounds and letters have a constant … Continue reading

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Beware: the Subtleties of English

Warning, Warning If you use the word, “beware” you are warning someone of something dangerous. Be Aware The term “be aware” has the description of having information and beforehand knowledge of a situation, and perception of a fact that may … Continue reading

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Constantine the Philosopher a.k.a. St Cyril

A Man of Letters While researching for events coinciding with 862 AD (represented by my Neptune in Libra in the 10th House), I came across this little tidbit: In 862, the brothers began the work which would give them their … Continue reading

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