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“He Lies All the Time!”

Is This the Real Time of Donald Trump’s Birth? I decided to start this post with a joke image, because the subject of it is the biggest joke of all. Remember the hubbub about Barack Obama’s fake birth certificate? Who … Continue reading

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What Links These Two Murders (1554 Years Apart)?

Answer: Astrology. I know this is going to seem weird, but I had a brainwave, last night, after reviewing Sharon Tate‘s murder in my dreams. I saw a connection with Hypatia of Alexandria. Strictly speaking, I don’t think they should … Continue reading

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Two More Spiritual Newspeak Terms

logophilia Addiction to words. Belief that all words contain hidden meanings, provided that you have the time and patience to look up their constituent parts in enough different languages (however unrelated); or that given sounds and letters have a constant … Continue reading

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Health Warning: Get your flue checked

‘Flu-like symptoms may be carbon monoxide poisoning It’s that time of the year again. Autumn is when we turn on the furnace to keep us warm for the cold days and freezing nights. But, last year, I noticed that the … Continue reading

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Soul Searching

A special thought occurred to me the other day: When I open up my soul, you don’t look away; You hold me at arm’s length to get a better view; You listen to what I have to say, ‘though you … Continue reading

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How to Use PsyCards

Happiness Is Inside You On the PsyCards website, all 40 cards are listed and their meanings given. The basic reading is called the Decision Maker: If you have a tricky decision to make, the cards can help you quite simply. … Continue reading

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Messiah’s Handbook

Ten years ago, I sent this book to my future wife, Susan. This is how I inscribed the book: “To my soulmate, Sue. “Here’s an interesting addition to our mental processes. “I hope you can see the concepts for what … Continue reading

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The Celestine Prophecy

An Adventure More likely a fantasy. At least that’s what I thought when I first read this book in 1994. We were all so much more innocent in those days. Now, we can see how prophetic this writer’s words were. … Continue reading

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