New Channelling through Fenella Rundell (I)

June 2021: Lightning Flashes

Lightning flashes in the sky in Zhuhai, China, on May 22 (courtesy of Pinterest)

There is a lightning flash to this planet coming closer to everyone.

It will be coming through your thought and intuition, undoing what you previously believed, and you will understand the new course to follow. Believing without doubt does not come to everyone. It is learning to trust an inner knowing and how to respond to the impulses and urgings. This will vary from individual to individual, knowing that there is the no right way, all ways can be used.

What you are dealing with at present is realising that this is for you. Thought that those impulses depend on deep spiritual knowledge and understanding is not true. Human consciousness is rising at a level of performance that is unique to this planet. You are dealing with an energy that is new and unfamiliar and this is why doubt can become a hindrance. The way forward is so different that we cannot give you a vision of what it will be. You are dealing with a level of consciousness that is a higher vibration, bringing a knowing that is new as it enters the human form. You are working with a rising of vibration and your physical being is having to adapt to receive the clarity that will come in time.

Believing is one thing, knowing is another. Trust is all that is required.

Trust in yourself, that any information coming through you has a reality and a purpose that is unexpected. In time you will know realities that will eventually manifest and bring confirmation. Have no preconceived ideas of what this could possibly be. It will only be through retrospection you will recognise manifestation.

Slow steps are the beginnings along this path, don’t expect to be striding out at great speed. It will come as gently as a summer breeze and the beauty you will experience will not be clouded.

Let us learn to be with the forces of creation, and accept that the images coming into your mind are in union with collective consciousness. It is beholden on all who seek to be part of the forces of change, to focus on the “divine impulse centre” of everyone.

Freedom from doubt will assist, and this only comes with committed practice.

You are channelling energies to revitalise those parts which have been neglected or overlooked due to materialistic tendencies in the world psyche.

You have incarnated at this period of time to channel energies from the cosmic mind to assist in the rebalancing of the planet’s energies. While you think that your contribution is pathetically small, it is together with universal intent that each plays a vital contribution.

It is not necessary to be in groups to do this work. Each individual is guided when receptive to this impulse at any time, and much work is done during your sleep state, when the mind is not being controlled by the brain, but drifts in other dimensions.

You will get flashes of insights and you will be aware that your mind sees things it cannot explain…… or even find words to describe them. This is not unique to you but to all who are sharing an incarnation on planet Earth.

This work can only be done through the physical body.

The work requires the physical presence to channel. That is why it cannot be done for you, the angelic forces work in the angelic realms and physical in the physical realm, in order to conduct energies which are used to adjust the balance.

While each person does individual work, the collective mind creates a vortex to adjust the balance of forces. There is no dominance of one but the unity of the collective. Rather like a voting system. The collective creates the change.

You are seeing on the world scene the new energies at work challenging the dominance of the few. The ride will not be smooth, but it is inevitable as the raising of consciousness of the many is seen to be at work.

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