New Channelling through Fenella Rundell (II)

Undated 2021: First Things, First

Trust Yourself Again!

It is part of the Universal Consciousness to play with the intellect, and unite the forces of universal principles to produce a time for exercising your inner processes, which will bring part of self into consciousness. Believe in the impulses which guide you in the world. It is due to those who can understand to begin to develop their inner core. Instances of life bring into focus the inner workings of your mind in order to guide you in this work. Trust those forces you did before, so do it again. Life demands you learn all you can. It requires an inner certainty to bring those impulses into play. You have needed this time of loss to re-establish your inner knowing. You have not been lost nor abandoned, only resting, to recognize other principles at work. Trust yourself. We acknowledge your inner doubt. It is not lost on us that you need to regain the sensitivity and assurance you once had, but it will come again if you persevere.

Dreams like living water flow into the consciousness of all beings.

They fill the mind with the pure genius of celestial truth and bring purpose into life. Humans have lost much of the connection with their higher selves and with it the control of the ultimate truth of life. It is lost in the mire of trivia.

People who seek the ultimate goal of the human form will be reconnected in a more positive way in the coming months. You are aware in these times that there is shift in energies which are affecting each according to their progress of self discovery. The challenge now is to reunite with the principles of life. It is too easy in earth-form to disconnect, because the material world has created so many distractions, little though you realise it. But it is relatively easy to reconnect once true seeking commences. We would encourage all who feel the need to open up in their meditation disciplines to the inflow of energy that is available.

It is the time to move forward in the process of evolution of consciousness on this planet and in the material dimension. This is becoming more apparent. There is a meeting of dimensions at work. Crop Circles are evidence of this.

Ways will be found for you to reach across the close dimensions to facilitate cooperation with different life forms.

Be prepared to open up and speak to others to raise their interest. Many are becoming aware of change but are unable to form words to explain phenomena they are receiving. Lift your heart to the words that come forth and inspect the meaning and resonance it creates in you. Love all who come your way and endeavour to curb criticism and judgement. Many changes are happening as they will indeed happen, and people have difficulty expressing them, but do need encouragement. Bless and praise all as the wonderful manifestations of life. Be still within yourself as you perceive and do the work.

The units of faith breathe celestial light into the human consciousness.

Risking disbelief is the chance we all take on the path to understanding the truth of our being. We urge you to really commit yourself daily in order to retain the thread of flow which is available to you. Your own doubt and fear of failure hold your back. Your emotional makeup sabotages your flow. Recognise this and work your way through it. You feel so much time has been lost and wasted already.

The rain outside is like the energy we speak of. It is eternal and will never end, available to all who will receive it. The information is like the crop circles available to those open enough to understand the messages and vibrations. It is there for all to see, but only a few are able to interpret the information. And only those ready will listen. Even so, do not let that discourage you. Whatever you receive will spread out in ways at present you cannot anticipate nor comprehend. Listen to that inner voice, that inner urging. It is truth. Only your own doubt can block it.

Be at peace with yourself and stop criticizing yourself for those years you feel you have been in the wilderness. Our love to you has always been here, undiminished by time, space or distance. You know of us, have always known. Just get on with your work now and cease worrying about anything else

Issues of legitimacy are being brought to the fore at this time,

in order to clear the way towards unfoldment. You will see many instances of this in the days to come. Principles of justice and truth need to be seen in the coming times as humanity seeks the need to unlock understanding. The purpose of this information is to help you to know the truth of all your perceptions. There is little need to worry about the future for all things will be revealed in due course. While the times are traumatic for many, they will be smooth for others.

It is all due to the need for the growth of each individual soul. Please trust that all is according to The Plan which was there before time itself. All souls must learn lessons to aid understanding in order to grow. There are no exceptions. Even the perceived trials you have had, the sense of loss and delay, all serve a purpose. Time itself is immaterial. All is one. Time does not run out, as all is one. It is a trick of the human mind to think laterally. Even in other dimensions you will have experienced that which you call time in a different manner. When this life is ended the need for analysis comes into play. Each being has played a part in universal consciousness and knowledge. Nothing is wasted. The concepts of which we speak are difficult to understand with the human mind, but in a state of knowing all is perceived. Think on this theme now.

The Life we all lead will eventually culminate in the unity of all things.

Separation is an illusion. Be tuned into your inner being in a meditative state, the process of understanding with the human mind can be reached, and the realisation of unity brought into your daily sphere. There are many at this time who are reaching this level of evolution but equally many who are not, who are still locked in a place of discord and separation.

Inner stillness is the key. A detachment to the outcome of many of the trials you experience. By endeavouring to think clearly, overriding the emotional response and preconceived ideas, you will be able to manifest the higher aspect of your being and breathe the breath of eternal spirit. This will assist the raising of energies. You will integrate more easily into the united forces which are pouring forth to humanity at present.

What is needed now is the wisdom to trusting the process at work.

We have been sending energy and inspiration to all who are ready and prepared to listen, to assist you through the changes which are to come. Though fear is often associated with change, so is excitement and anticipation, which will assist the process. Like a bird on the wing, the air beneath is supporting its body. You cannot see that support but you see the bird fly through the air with ease. This is how you will be. The support, though invisible, is there, and you will fly in a similar manner.

It does not matter whether you believe this entirely. The natural fears of the body kick in at times and trust is forfeited. The challenge is to have faith in the unseen. Be still and practice your meditations. These will assist enormously. There is a host of beings watching and encouraging you at this time of evolutionary change.

When time is an issue,

it is good to realise that the inclination is important in the use of it. The time you spend worrying about not using it well is pointless. It is in the living that all is good. “Wool gathering” has its function as you live in a society that is crammed with distractions, and not enough time is spent on contemplation. During this period of your life you are able to relax into a more leisurely way of conducting the day. The demands of others have fallen away, so your true being now has the opportunity to flower; recognizing the spiritual aspect of self becomes more important. You don’t need to rush around to fill time. Now is the chance to start to analyse all the experiences you have been through and to listen to the inner voice.

Think of a teapot.

The new energies are flowing from receptacles which are designed to pour forth their contents in an orderly fashion, the pure mixture of spirit and human essence. We use this analogy as it is simple and easily understood. Life continues and all experiences are brought forth in a mixture which creates the individual spirit in each body. The wisdom of the soul distills these experiences according to the matrix you know through astrology, and each individual combines those energies to manifest their lives. Just as the containers vary, so can the outpourings differ in each case. The brew (or mixture) is the manifestation of the soul during its journey in this dimension and it is wondrous to be seen. The uniqueness of each individual brings all the colour and beauty into form through of the flow of energy.

Energy shifts and flows through space to be used to assist the evolution and the growth of creation. It is an ever-flowing phenomenon, eternal and consistent. Life manifests in many different forms throughout the whole of the universe. There is no such thing as a dead planet. Each body forms a function of creation and life. As well as those things which are seen and observed from the human perspective, the same applies to that which is unseen and in another dimension. All space teems with Life, and each dimension is flowing to its own Plan. Through each dimension there are also energies which oversee and assist the unfoldment of that Plan. During the changes which are now in progress you will become more aware of the thing of which we speak. Growth has to happen; you cannot remain in the same place for ever. An awakening is in process, old habits must be overcome in order to function within the new energies. Recognise only those things which have true value.

The concept of time is an enigma to us,

as we do not have to cope with it as you do. The impulse of purpose bring shape and form to all action and experience, and in so doing are in accordance with the principles of life. What we have here is a process of unification which brings form to the impulse of creation. The process never ceases. It is like a rolling wave breaking on the shore and then dissipates, then another wave comes and then another. Always moving, always flowing. Through the whole of eternity this is how it is. Units break away and then regroup and reform into new manifestation. Always changing, never static.

To question all thought that distress you

is a process of correction installed in human perception. While the body reacts in a survival mode the brain does have a higher control mechanism which is the soul, which oversees the greater picture. Some would call this the conscience, but whether this operates to control inappropriate action, or not, does depend on the wisdom of the soul and just how integrated it is in the psyche of the individual. All the while the baser nature is in control, there will continue to be discord. This baser nature demands an outcome according to its own lights and is unable to view life in the larger perspective of creation. However the situations and lessons that are brought about by random actions do bring effective challenges to develop individual experiences to grow in wisdom. Just because others do not act, or behave in a manner to suit you, does not make them wrong. It is impossible when locked in human form to see the overall picture, so be slow to judge and endeavour to contemplate before criticising others. You may not understand the greater purpose at work.

If you wish to know the purpose to your life

you only need to look at the pattern of experiences over the years. Has there been a repeated theme? Can you recognise the many situations which continue to distress or confront you? Were you ever overwhelmed by a situation that appears to have no resolution? All these things indicate your purpose, to confront certain challenges as you move through life. Earth experience was never intended to be easy. It was intended to assist your growth and develop perceptions and wisdom. It was intended to test the spirit and make you stronger. The more tests you go through the more blessed you are. Remember that humour and tolerance help enormously. Rushing at things is often the worst thing you can do if you have not allowed yourself time to reflect. If you are blessed to have close companions it does help but it can hinder the process of your own growth and development. Learn to live at peace with yourself amidst the chaos and confusion around you and that will be your greatest strength.

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