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Is There Anything New Under the Sun?

Bert and Ernie After watching Sesame Street for years with my children, you can imagine my surprise when I watched “It’s a Wonderful Life” for the first time: I heard the names, Bert and Ernie, spoken in the same sentence, … Continue reading

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Are We Programmed?

TRON As an allegory, this movie is perfect. At the time (1982) computer games were still (more or less) in their infancy. The programmers were building virtual worlds in which their creations (read, creatures) could interact with others. The programmers … Continue reading

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Judgment City?

Defending Your Life Albert Brooks is a very clever guy. He uses humour to get across some very important messages in his movies. This movie, from 1991, is a case in point: the hero, Daniel Miller, dies and goes to … Continue reading

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What is the Afterlife Really Like?

Made in Heaven Although this movie is a huge Rom-Com film from the 80’s, there are elements that appear to be quite accurate. For instance, the fluidity of the afterlife: the ability to move through different scenes in random-like action. … Continue reading

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Walk-ins: do they exist?

Angel on My Shoulder   Yesterday, I watched a very old movie (1946) which involved a gangster getting a second chance at life, after he was shot dead by his partner. The devil, played by Claude Rains, had made Eddie … Continue reading

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Subliminal Seduction

Are you being sexually aroused by this picture? Wilson Bryan Key took the concept of The Hidden Persuaders one step further and documented how advertising companies were using sex to sell their products. This was in the mid-70’s. Then, it … Continue reading

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