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Reincarnation: Educating Our Soul

Leading Ourselves Out of Darkness to Light I wasn’t sure what to call this post, so I slept on it. The idea was to highlight why we get to continue learning our life’s lessons even after death. If we go … Continue reading

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Rapture or Ascension (or Both)?

Heads, We Win! Tails, You Lose! Sometimes, you have to look at both sides of a situation to make any sense of what’s happening. The COVID-19 crisis is a case in point. People are dying out there! There are many … Continue reading

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Revisiting a Visitation

My father died in October 1987. I wasn’t aware of this fact until 2007, twenty years later. He visited me in the early days of 1988, and I wrote a post about that ‘visitation’ a few years ago. Now I … Continue reading

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No-one Expects the Spanish Influenza

When is the ‘Flu not the ‘Flu? COVID-19 is creeping ever closer to becoming a pandemic. That’s not good news. The last time the world panicked was in 2003 with the SARS outbreak. In the meantime, Ebola gave us cause … Continue reading

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Enigma: The Thoroughly Modern Myss

Caroline Myss I don’t do this very often. A friend from our Faith & Science group found an interesting post on the internet. It was an analysis of Caroline Myss using the Moon’s lunar periods to explain the timing of … Continue reading

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At the Sunset of One’s Life…

Everything Becomes Crystal Clear I am trying to be transparent, here. My sister, Anne’s Mexican Sunset image is so perfect! She’s become such a gifted photographer recently. She may have been so, all her life. And that (almost) subliminal “X” … Continue reading

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Flashback: Ram’s Head Stone (1994)

Avebury Circle My Mission Statement states that I need to have Aries symbols in my life…

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