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Fulfilling One’s Destiny

Tearing Down the Temple It’s an ‘inconvenient truth’: Jesus saw his own destruction in terms of the Temple in Jerusalem being torn down. “Jesus answered and said unto them, Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it … Continue reading

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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

I was reminded of this interactive computer program while discussing our first desk top computer (an Apricot) with my youngest daughter. The exact point of the discussion was the place where most people get stuck. Rosanna said the choice that … Continue reading

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Beings of Light: Angels or Demons?

Who Are They, Really? As you may have noticed, if you have read many of my posts here, that I have a certain discomfort with dualistic thinking. Why do things have to be categorized as one thing or the other? … Continue reading

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Legendary Lost Locations

Have They Been Found? My granddaughter was discussing a school project with my wife. I happened to enter the room in the middle of it. Her teacher had been telling her class about Atlantis, and I mentioned the fact that … Continue reading

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Years Ending in “5”

The Wonder Years I know that time is just a human construct to aid our understanding of why everything doesn’t happen all at once. And this is especially true when looking back on the momentous events of one’s own life. … Continue reading

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Today (translation of “Carpe Diem”)

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Quantum Physics is Spiritual in Nature

What the *bleep* do we know? I watched this film ten years ago. I was impressed by the way they portrayed the quandary Quantum Physicists have when trying to grasp the meaning of their discoveries. It turns out they are … Continue reading

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