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A Perennial Favourite

White Christmas Guess what was on TV last night? Oh, darn, you guessed it! White Christmas is one of those movies that bears repeating, but, as I suggested to my wife, Susan, last night, I remember the original version better. … Continue reading

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To Dream the Impossible Dream

Man of La Mancha Yes, I had a dream last night that featured the cartoon drawing of Don Quixote, as shown on this image, above. It was totally unexpected, so I took note, as you do. The use of the … Continue reading

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Judy: Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance?

No: Gotta Eat, Gotta Sleep We saw this movie yesterday. I wasn’t sure what to expect, having not read or seen any advance publicity. So, I think it was a bit disappointing to have it focus on the London “Talk … Continue reading

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A Trip Down Cherry Tree Lane

Mary Poppins Returns It took more than half a century to continue the story 25 years later. That’s the magic of Disney: even the math doesn’t add up. I chose the title as my way of paying homage to Cockney … Continue reading

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How They Got It (Mostly) Right

Jesus Christ Superstar (1973) Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice collaborated on a rock opera concept album in 1970. Then it was staged in the West End of London, and, later, Broadway in New York. The story was intended to … Continue reading

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A (New) Star is Born

Lady Gaga could win an Oscar Bradley Cooper is a very smart man. Most directors would be wary of yet another remake of this story. In fact, after Barbra Streisand’s last joke of film, the idea should have been dead … Continue reading

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Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert

Damned For All Time/Blood Money It wasn’t me that picked up the similarity, it was Susan. I think I’ve probably heard it too many times, starting with the 1970 concept LP. Last night NBC broadcast the show on Easter Sunday, … Continue reading

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Material Girl Video: Homage or Parody?


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Musical Theatre: Art Imitating Life?

Who is Really in Charge? In 2006, Mel Gibson made a mistake. In the heat of the moment, he said some stuff that got him sidelined for almost 10 years. Admittedly, what he said sounded weird at the time, but, … Continue reading

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