Yesterday in History XII

Rita Moreno Wins an Oscar (April 9, 1962)

On this day in 1962: Actress Rita Moreno becomes the first Hispanic woman to win an Oscar, for her role as Anita in West Side Story (1961).

It’s hard to believe this was 60 years ago. Rita Moreno was 30, when she won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. Now, she’s 90 and still going strong, appearing in Steven Spielberg’s updated version this past year. Do you want to see a birth chart of a hard worker?

No one knows what time Ms. Moreno was born, so I have rectified her birth chart to show the age (30) when she won her Oscar (Moon/Saturn conjunct @ 21° Capricorn). There are three inconjuncts, but I’m not going to delineate those aspects in this post. I now want to look at the event chart, instead.

There are four inconjuncts in this one: two of them form a Yod pointing at Saturn @ 10° Aquarius; how appropriate (as Saturn represents the Industry…). To see the effect on Ms. Moreno, let’s combine the charts.

The Oscar Part of Fortune is within 3° of Rita’s Sun (@ 19° Sagittarius). The Oscar Midheaven is conjunct Rita’s Ascendant (@ 6° Cancer); and Rita’s South Node (@ 1° Libra) is widely conjunct the Oscar Ascendant. Rita’s Uranus is midpoint between the Oscar Sun/Mercury conjunction in Aries. Finally, Rita’s Neptune is almost exactly conjunct the Oscar Pluto (@ 8° Virgo). Wow!

Only in America, eh?

The Yesterday in History post.

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