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His Story Through Her Eyes

Jamestown I caught the first episode of this British series on PBS last night. It seems to be a reasonable facsimile of what life in the 1700’s would have been like in Virginia. (Interestingly, it was almost totally filmed in … Continue reading

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The American Dream: Is It Over?

A discussion in five images = 5,000 words…

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Lindsey Graham: “I’m Pleased as Punch”

This gallery contains 2 photos.

    What he actually said was: “I’m as happy as a clam!” The difference is my hearing things in the English idiom.

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And Speaking of Narcissists

Something to do with Eyebrows I was reading an internet article the other day that stated that a psychological study had found one common feature that was common to all narcissists: their distinctive eyebrows. The picture shown above is labelled … Continue reading

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Brett Kavanaugh: an astrological portrait

His Outburst was the Clue You may recall that I reviewed the chart for Dr. Ford’s testimony last Thursday. The impression I got was that the Moon/Uranus conjunction in opposition to the Ascendant/Venus link seemed to be the main reason … Continue reading

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The Sins of the Father

Are Visited Upon the Children An interesting email popped into my account this morning. It was meant to be thought-provoking, and in a way it was. It was a series of statements essentially asking why affirmative actions by minorities are … Continue reading

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How to Change History in Five Minutes

Two women confronted Senator Jeff Flake on his way to the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday. They made a few provocative, and unproven, statements about Judge Brett Cavanaugh’s alleged behaviour in his teens. But the power of their personal stories, spoken … Continue reading

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