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It All Depends on Your Perspective

The Parallax View (1974) When posting a photo on Facebook of a small bug on my window pane, today, I used the terms perspective and perception, relating the bug’s point-of-view to our limited understanding of what goes on in the … Continue reading

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Following the Script of a Pandemic Movie

Contagion (2011) This movie has an eerie prescience. (And the tag line makes the point clearly.) I cannot remember any other movie I’ve seen where images similar to it are being played out in televised segments on the nightly news. … Continue reading

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Opening the “Gate” on Political Scandals

Watergate There’s a lot of it about: no, not scandals; ‘gate’ used as a shorthand for political scandal. The most recent example is “Obamagate”, touted by Trump in this election year as the greatest scandal of all time. Really? I … Continue reading

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Not America’s Finest Hour

The Bay of Pigs Invasion While writing, yesterday, about Dag Hammarskj√∂ld’s plane crash in 1961, I started wondering about the US failed attempt to invade Cuba and remove Fidel Castro from the world stage. It was an embarrassing diplomatic fiasco. … Continue reading

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The Man I Admired Most as a Child

Dag Hammarskj√∂ld (Jul 29, 1905 – Sep 18, 1961) His name came up in our Faith and Science Zoom meeting today. Only those of us Baby Boomers will remember him clearly. Against all odds he was a Christian mystic from … Continue reading

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Is it a Towering Inferno?

We watch CTV News Barrie everyday at 6:00 pm. It’s our first view of the news each evening and provides us with an overview of the events in our area of Ontario, Simcoe and Muskoka. It’s also part of the … Continue reading

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The “Once and Future King”

John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr (Nov 25, 1960 – Jul 16, 1999) Can you imagine losing your father 3 days before your 3rd birthday? What a legacy! There’s no doubting the accuracy of this birth time: when your father was elected … Continue reading

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Conspiracy Theories: Identity of “Q”

JFK Memorial, Arlington Cemetery I’ve come to the party very late for this one. I think it’s because David Wilcock never mentioned it, but I may be wrong. Maybe I just never watched that video. This image is a huge … Continue reading

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Alliance Insider: Patriotic or Treasonous?

“Arthur” and the Round Table Knights It’s like having someone whisper in your ear: the title of today’s post is ‘Alliance Insider’. So, I do my research and come up with this image. Which then leads to this page. WTF? … Continue reading

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We Are: a Long, Long Way from Home

Tipperary, Ireland (June 2016) When you visit another country, you see things differently. I mean that term literally. My newly opened eyes saw how much poverty was there. I mean, if a former betting office is closed, what chance do … Continue reading

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