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I Haven’t Written About Him in a Month…

The Conspiracy Theorist-in-Chief And after CNN’s Town Hall meeting of Republicans in New Hampshire last night, I’m not going to now. Choose your reality…

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Did Ike Meet with Two Aliens on February 20, 1954?

Dwight D Eisenhower (October 14, 1890 – March 28, 1969) It’s an intriguing thought: a President of the United States meets with alien ambassadors, and turns down their request for the USA to stop using atomic weapons, in exchange for … Continue reading

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Conspiracy Theory: Ukrainians (and Others) Think…

Putin has a Body Double I’m all (about the) ears. In every iteration of Putin’s images (even those from his time in the KGB), his ears have always looked the same. I’m sure that there’s a quote somewhere about not … Continue reading

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Was He the One that Pulled the Trigger that Killed RFK?

Sirhan Sirhan (March 19, 1944) In my book “At This Point in Time” I looked at Robert F. Kennedy’s assassination. My ‘guess’ at the time was that J. Edgar Hoover might have had something to do with it. But I … Continue reading

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We Met with My Cousin and His Wife, Yesterday

This Is Probably How I Appeared to Them For those of you, who have been following my posts for a number of years, can attest, my ideas about reincarnation, and the proof, using astrology, can be a bit overwhelming. Imagine … Continue reading

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When You Get Too Close to the Truth

Dorothy Kilgallen (July 3, 1913 – November 8, 1965) I must have fallen asleep at the wheel in the mid-1960’s. I did not know or hear about the death of this celebrated journalist, Dorothy Kilgallen. Sure, I knew who she … Continue reading

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“Save the Children” Finger Pointer is Found Out

Phil Godlewski (June 26, 1983) QAnon has a lot to answer for. Not least is this individual, Phil Godlewski, one of their leaders. Now, The Daily Beast is not the most reliable tabloid news outlet, but it usually doesn’t purposely … Continue reading

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Were They in Secret Service to Trump on January 6th?

United States Secret Service (July 5, 1865) I admit it: I cannot help how my mind sees conspiracies everywhere, even when they seem improbable. The first inkling of something wrong was when Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony about Trump having an ‘incident’ … Continue reading

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“Stop the Steal”: Guilt by Association?

Roger Stone (August 27, 1952) I missed something about Roger Stone. It took a comment from my astrology friend, Ellie, to open my eyes to an obvious association. Stone has an tattoo of Richard Nixon on his back. What’s that … Continue reading

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Conspiracy Theories: This Man Saw Red, Everywhere

Joseph McCarthy (November 14, 1908 – May 2, 1957) When I asked myself the question, “Who does Alex Jones remind you of?” I immediately thought of Joseph McCarthy. Not because of his loud voice, or his dramatic performances, but because … Continue reading

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