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Canadian Keswick Conference

Ferndale (near Port Carling), Ontario This vacation spot no longer exists. I’m not sure why. I tried finding the exact location a couple of years ago, but I believe the spot is now private property. CKC, as our Mom noted … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving in Canada

The Second Monday of October Canadian Thanksgiving is a harvest festival. By the beginning of October, most of the summer crops have been gathered up and put by for the winter. The weather turns colder and everyone anticipates the coming … Continue reading

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The Moment I Realized…

Adults Don’t See the Same Things Children Do In the mid-50’s we had a 1951 Chevy. These days I’m not sure which model it was (it looked like the picture above), but we had it from 1955-1960. Then something went … Continue reading

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My First (and Only) Bicycle

The Summer of ’62 In this picture, we had just moved from Windermere to Dalston. In the previous couple of years I had been given this old bike. The wheel size was 28″. Most normal bikes had 26″ wheels. It … Continue reading

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I’m an Anglophile from “Way Back When”

Roy of the Rovers Our Uncle Keith went to England with his family in 1960. He was working for Macmillan Publishers. That didn’t affect me, as a ten-year-old, until he started to send presents back home to me, the first … Continue reading

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Experience: Negative to Positive

“Don’t touch! It’s hot!” As a species, we are wired to disobey. It must built into our DNA to be negatively suggestible. From the minute we are told not to do something, that’s all we want to do. Once upon … Continue reading

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Now and Then: Dunsford United Church

October 2006 Date unknown, although not much has changed in my view. The tree seems larger.

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