It Took Less than Three Weeks…

Ten of Swords

When Susan’s cousin read my Tarot cards at the end of July, I was surprised to see this card as the final one of the spread. How was this to take place? What does it mean? Would I really survive such a thing?

My own Tarot deck is the “Tarot of the New Vision”. Its Ten of Swords image is focused the other way.

This is what the book says:

Under a black sky criss-crossed with sinister streaks of light, a man lies in a wasteland. His body has been pierced by ten swords. The image, to this point is identical to the original; the “new vision”, though, incorporates an approaching figure, dressed in black. The main subject is the man lying on the ground, completely lifeless. The man does not represent death, even though first impressions point to it. Instead, his situation suggests a series of emotional injuries so deeply hurtful they make him appear dead. Beneath this sky of darkest thoughts, the only ray of hope is the attending figure: a ghost who reminds him of childhood mistakes, or a mother who encourages him to listen to his conscience.

Main Meanings

The situation is alarming, but there is a chance to find a positive solution. Nostalgia for the past can give new energy. It will take time to find peace, but nothing will be the same again.

Page 116

Hmm. Can I hear a ‘hmm’?

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