From Trump’s “Fixer” to the Fixer of American Politics

Michael Cohen (August 25, 1966)

Cohen in 2019

It’s taken me awhile to get around to Michael Cohen. I’m prompted to do so today because he has spoken aloud on yesterday’s television what I wrote in yesterday’s post about Trump blackmailing the FBI.

Again, no one knows his birth time, so I have rectified the chart to reflect his marriage at age 28 (Venus). The rest just falls into place. On its own, Michael’s birth chart seems to be very straightforward. It is only when you compare it to Pluto’s Return for the USA that his significance stands out. (I’m not the first astrologer to suggest this, by the way.)

Do you see how the energies align? I suspect the Yod formed from the Pluto Return’s Moon and Saturn @ 24° (Sagittarius and Aquarius, respectively) pointing at his natal Jupiter @ 24° Cancer is the clue to what is going on now. Trump thought he could dump his problems onto Michael’s shoulders and make him the scapegoat. This has boomeranged badly on Trump since no one outside of Trump’s family knows what’s really going on, except for Cohen. That’s why CNN and other media outlets frequently interview him.

We shall see what happens next.

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