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Is It Just a Handshake?

Or an Exchange of Energy? We know the drill: upon meeting another person, we’ve been instructed to extend your right hand and offer to shake the other person’s right hand, firmly but kindly. Have you ever wondered why? It took … Continue reading

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Coincidence or Something Else?

God (be)friended me I’ve been wanting to correct that title ever since this TV show started in the fall. I know that having a Facebook relationship is a friendship, and the act of linking up is called clicking  the “friend” … Continue reading

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Song as Autobiography II

Piece by Piece (2016) Kelly Clarkson has been a prolific songwriter since her American Idol win in 2001. As we saw before, Because of You was written about her mother. But she also had a real issue with her father: … Continue reading

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His Story Through Her Eyes

Jamestown I caught the first episode of this British series on PBS last night. It seems to be a reasonable facsimile of what life in the 1700’s would have been like in Virginia. (Interestingly, it was almost totally filmed in … Continue reading

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Dueling Beatles

And in the end, the love you take is equal to love you make Paul George John Ringo   Altogether now…  

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The Subtlety of…

This Is Us Series 3 has started, and already we’re going further back than we ever have before. Jack and Rebecca had their first 4 hour ‘date’ and Jack picked up the ‘hint’ to bring Rebecca’s coat back to her … Continue reading

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Hell Hath No Fury

Like a Scorpio Scorned Did you ever wonder why I became an Astrologer? Would you be surprised if I said it was because of a volatile relationship? In 1977, I was living with Mona. Mona and I had been together … Continue reading

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