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Happy Birthday, Woman of the Hour/Year/Decade

Stormy Daniels (March 17, 1979) Funny, isn’t it? Michael Cohen went to prison for lying on Donald Trump’s behalf. He changed his tune when Trump didn’t come to his defence. He then told everyone and his uncle that that ‘hush-money’ … Continue reading

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“Go Home and Call (Make Peace with) Your Parents…”

It Didn’t Start With You by Mark Wolynn (2017) This is the book my son, Derek, gave me for my birthday, this year. Good choice. Thanks, son. . “Biological reality may be our inheritance, but it doesn’t have to be … Continue reading

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Legend: She had a Face that Launched a Thousand Ships

Helen of Troy (and Paris) That’s right, folks: Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton were the legendary figures that started the Trojan War. Now, I’m sure that they probably had intermediary lives that were less well known, but the key for … Continue reading

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We Met with My Cousin and His Wife, Yesterday

This Is Probably How I Appeared to Them For those of you, who have been following my posts for a number of years, can attest, my ideas about reincarnation, and the proof, using astrology, can be a bit overwhelming. Imagine … Continue reading

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Have You Ever Wondered Why?

Inventors Get Ideas Simultaneously Hmm.

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And Talking About Vibrational Energy (and Mediums)

Allison DuBois (January 24, 1972) No comments required.

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Canada’s Centennial Poster Child?

Pamela Anderson (July 1, 1967) Yes, I’m being a little ‘tongue-in-cheek’ here, but in some ways, when I saw that her birthday occurred on that anniversary, I wondered if Pamela Anderson might have been born for that reason. Her birth … Continue reading

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And Speaking of Star-Crossed Lovers:

The Allegory of Romeo and Juliet I often bandy the term allegory about when it comes to how to read the Bible. I may have come to this conclusion quite honestly, just ask my uncle Philo. But we are so … Continue reading

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Could He Be Navalny’s Spiritual Cousin?

Matt Gaetz (May 7, 1982) I’m not sure if this is inspired by spirit, or just my imagination playing a trick on me. When I looked at Alexei Navalny‘s photos yesterday, I got a little ‘a-ha’ which told me to … Continue reading

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I May Never Pass This Way Again

That’s Why I Want It With You, Baby For someone who believes in reincarnation, this song has always presented me with a question mark. But it presented itself to me this morning, as I was waking. That implies that I … Continue reading

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