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The Humans, Camping

Roger, always busy, doing something Me, reading, as usual Susan and her daughter, Tracy, talking Their campfire

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Buddha Meets Beauty in our Garden

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My Beautiful Wife, Susan

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Amazed by Grace

Stairway to Heaven In the ‘old days’ (read, just yesterday), we thought we could earn our way to salvation. By following the rules, we thought we could buy a stairway to heaven. What a waste of effort! As I have … Continue reading

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When a Character is Killed Off…

Designated Survivor I suspect the hint is in the show’s title. We have been watching this one since its beginning and have enjoyed the parallels to (and divergent differences with) Trump’s presidency. But behind it all are love stories being … Continue reading

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DNA: Family History

Meeting our Grandparents My sister Anne has decided to have her DNA tested through Ancestry. Because she and I only share our mother, her results will only be useful to her family tree research. So, will I ‘bite the bullet’ … Continue reading

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Facebook: Society’s Mirror?

Or a Necessary Evil? Today is April Fool’s Day (and Easter Sunday) 2018. But this is no joke. Facebook has come in for a lot of criticism lately. Most of it seems justified, but is it really wrong to give … Continue reading

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