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Is It Time to Rewire the Brain?

Neuroplasticity Watching the CBC’s “Nature of Things” last night, I was amazed at the healing improvements for most of the people featured in the program. But it’s not a new idea, I’ve even hinted at it before, here. The two … Continue reading

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Hypnotherapy: How to Come to Terms with Bulimia

An English Rose To protect the identity of my most important hypnotherapy client from 1991, I shall be using this euphemism. And by all accounts, it is an apt description. But she had a late teenage coping mechanism well into … Continue reading

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It’s Like “Northern Exposure” but Without the Humour

Virgin River We starting binge-watching this series on Netflix last night. Almost immediately I got the “Northern Exposure” vibe. But, to be honest, this one is more like a Hallmark movie. The mountains in the background weren’t fooling me: the … Continue reading

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Meet the New Vice-President-Elect

Kamala Harris (October 20, 1964) It’s been a long road since I first predicted that Kamala Harris could become the 46th President of the United States of America. Gender, racial and political biases derailed her attempt, as well as an … Continue reading

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Are These Two Connected? Calle Thought So.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes things surprise me. I wrote about Marcus Aurelius quite a while back. Not sure, now, why I did that. Perhaps for this reason: ‘Who are you? Where do you come from?’ A smile … Continue reading

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Spiritually, There’s No Denying Evolution

The Shack (2017) Having read the book years ago, I never got around to seeing this film, until last night, on Netflix. Of course, I’d seen the promo videos, but they gloss over the important stuff. Essentially, this is a … Continue reading

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What Would You Do With Only Months to Live?

My Life (1993) I’d avoided this film until last night. I know why, of course, but I suppose I just wasn’t ready for it. Turns out that I couldn’t sleep for half the night after seeing it. (From IMDb:) Life … Continue reading

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We got word yesterday that a valued member of our Faith & Science group was in hospital about to undergo a heart bypass operation after suffering from a heart attack two days before. It was suggested that we link up … Continue reading

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How to Live an Authentic Life

Dying To Be Me This is the book that Eben Alexander talks about in his lectures. It is a different take on the whole NDE, subsequent healing and then spiritual renewal. The quote that came up when I opened my … Continue reading

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Fountain: Can Lightning Strike Twice?

The Old Steyne, Brighton postcard In just about five weeks time, Fountain International will be re-enacting the Brighton Experiment from 1981 that became the Birth of Fountain. So, will it be as successful? The Chart On its own, the new … Continue reading

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