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PsyCards: Seeking Some Spiritual Clarity…

Kate: What Should I do about my Diabetes? (Today: 1:59 pm EDT) This is an example of how one can get in touch with someone who has passed to the Other Side, one year before. The shorthand is clear to … Continue reading

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Health Update: I’ve Started Taking Insulin at Mealtime

Admelog (March 24, 2022) It had to happen sooner or later, since up until now I only had a slow acting insulin (Levemir) taken just before bedtime. But why now? As chance would have it, I watched a YouTube video … Continue reading

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Contradiction in Terms: How this Idiom Seems like Nonsense

Getting on Like a House on Fire Yesterday, I took my first increased dose of Ozempic (.5 mg) and suffered from indigestion, nausea and diarrhea all afternoon. I thought, last night, that a good night’s sleep would sort me out. … Continue reading

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For Two Years I’ve Kept the Weight Off…

Now I’m on a New Medication, Ozempic This is a once weekly injection. But it’s not insulin. I’ve taken three starter doses (.25 mg) so far, and it seems to be tolerable for my body. But here’s the surprise: I’ve … Continue reading

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On Further Reflection…

Mike’s ‘reading’ of me, which I wrote about yesterday, could have been about himself. In fact, some parts of the first section were almost word-for-word what his astrology analysis stated. But that shouldn’t surprise me because we cannot perceive in … Continue reading

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Is Reincarnation Our Second Chance?

Can We Correct Our Past Mistakes? Recent posts about reincarnation have raised issues of why anyone would have to repeat tendencies from a prior life. When David Wilcock came to the understanding that he might have been Edgar Cayce in … Continue reading

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Whether You Believe It or Not!

Just Think About It! I’ve been a diabetic for 16 years. My father suffered from it, too. It’s the ‘silent’ epidemic ruining the lives of a great many people. The thing is, it kills you. I’ve been reading a book … Continue reading

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