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Is It Just Me or Can You Hear It, Too?

Earth Rumbling I’m sure this is nothing new, but for the past couple of nights, I been hearing this rumbling noise which sounds like the furnace is on, but isn’t that, since we’ve been having warm weather lately. I asked … Continue reading

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On Further Reflection…

Mike’s ‘reading’ of me, which I wrote about yesterday, could have been about himself. In fact, some parts of the first section were almost word-for-word what his astrology analysis stated. But that shouldn’t surprise me because we cannot perceive in … Continue reading

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Happy Easter, 2020!

Resurrection of Earth. I won’t belabour the image, above. Suffice it to say that the inhabitants of the world staying home has brought a much needed rest for the planet. Balance is being restored. And from a cosmic perspective, Earth … Continue reading

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Legendary Lost Locations

Have They Been Found? My granddaughter was discussing a school project with my wife. I happened to enter the room in the middle of it. Her teacher had been telling her class about Atlantis, and I mentioned the fact that … Continue reading

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The Right Hand of God

Every time we hear a phrase from the Bible, we assume we know what it means. But do we, really? Take the phrase “The Right Hand of God” for example: we picture a heavenly court with God on the throne … Continue reading

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Dowsing: a Journey Beyond Our Five Senses

Have you ever misplaced your cell phone and wondered how to find it easily? Hamish Miller’s little book on dowsing will give you the tools to do so. Meet Hamish Miller Hamish Miller Hamish Miller was one of the guiding … Continue reading

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