The Right Hand of God


From The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo

Every time we hear a phrase from the Bible, we assume we know what it means. But do we, really?

Take the phrase “The Right Hand of God” for example: we picture a heavenly court with God on the throne and Jesus sitting on his right. It’s where we get the term, ‘his right-hand man’. Authority from the throne passes to the one on the right. (And it gets us into the old saying about being ‘right, not wrong’.)


Another Way of Seeing

What if that phrase was actually a hint of how energy is transferred between human beings? And what if God wanted us to share in his spiritual energy? Is that really so far-fetched?

Before participants sit in any healing, development or meditation circles, they hold hands. It’s such a simple way to align everyone’s energy in the group. The natural flow is always from the first person’s right hand to the next person’s left hand, counter-clockwise. When the energy comes back by way of the circle of hands, the first person sends it around the circle again, mostly unconsciously.

Very early on in my spiritual training, I realized that I could ‘influence’ the energy by reversing the flow of the group, sending it clock-wise. The effect is one of causing a ‘jolt’ in each person’s hands. The resistance makes the ‘counter-clockwise’ energy transfer even stronger, and raises the vibration of the group. The air feels like it’s crackling, and the hair on the skin of the participants stands on end.


Power to the People


Rainbow Family 2 courtesy of

For too long, we have allowed ‘others’ to control us. We have learned to feel impotent and small in the face of adversity and the world-wide confrontation of conflicting ideals. Why do we do that? Because that’s the way we have been ‘programmed’.

It is time to take back our birthright: spiritual energy. It is time to be united as ONE.

Grasp onto the next person’s hand and multiply the power exponentially.


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  2. cdsmiller17 says:

    During the session, those not channeling will help the session’s energy by continuing to tune and to allow the energy of the circle to move through them in a clockwise manner.

    Rueckert, Carla. A Wanderer’s Handbook (Kindle Locations 9080-9082). L/L Research. Kindle Edition.


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