Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind


[I was reviewing some of my Revelation posts from April 2018, and came across the one I’d written about seven being a divine number. Then I remembered this chapter from Who’d Have Thought It? Here it is in full:]

Around the time of Christmas 1977, a group of friends who had shared an experience in 1976 in Wells Cathedral Chapter House, began to talk about following the message received at Wells. Accordingly, we looked for the date of Easter 1978, and specifically Good Friday, which in that year was 24th March. “That’s early!” someone said. Then other facts began to emerge. At 16.20 GMT there was to be a lunar eclipse. It was also a day of the Full Moon, and the Spring Equinox. These facts alone seemed significant enough, without looking at the planetary conjunctions. What had been a job filed away in the subconscious, now began to be a positive, conscious mission. My mind began to examine in a more serious way what it could be about. As New Year started, I began to receive information through the Elohim Channel, through mediums, through chance encounters and from books that just happened to turn up. So far as the Elohim were concerned, I cannot remember the day that I first began to ask questions, but the following information began to emerge:

1) That the Arsinal Grail should come to Glastonbury and be “turned on.”

2) That this was to mark the end of one era and the beginning of another.

3) That things would begin to change.

4) That the role of the Elohim would end, to be replaced by another whose name was Chloe and whose symbol was the letter “C”, but with a narrow opening on the upper right-hand quadrant.

I was puzzled at the information. I reasoned thus. The Jehovah Elohim was that aspect of God which was concerned with spirit and form, ie matter. If the new Aquarian Age were to be concerned with the beginnings of the return of “matter” to spirit, then the raising of earth-bound man’s perceptions was the key objective. The age of Pisces, associated with the Christian era, had certainly been a landmark in the history of mankind. It had instigated the first glimmerings of individual consciousness, and therefore individual responsibility. Previously the law of the Old Covenant had prevailed. Whole tribes and races had been following their group karma, lemming-like, and individual consciousness was the exception rather than the rule. Jesus had given the New covenant, which meant that individuals were responsible for themselves. He had preached a doctrine of individual morality, which removed the individual from the guilt of the group sin on the one hand, but made himself reliant for virtue on the other. It was a real step forward in the recorded history of the consciousness of mankind. Of course, the rise of religious institutions stultified the psychic joy of the early Christians, who had rejoiced in the awareness of the spiritual gifts brought at the Pentecost, and preached by St Paul.

About the turn of the first millennium A.D. the process began to deteriorate, due to the attitudes enshrined in the Roman church. This institution apart from denying the existence of the etheric body of man, began also to remove from the ordinary person that inner awareness of God which had been enjoyed formerly. This privilege was now allocated to the priest and, later on in the second millennium, was attributed rather to the institution itself, or at least to that institution as represented by the Pope and his cardinals. This outward form came to replace personal awareness, so, at the present time, the spiritual pilgrim can only view the church as a museum through whose corridors the soul may wander without stirring even an echo. Christ had said, “Where two or three are gathered together, I am in the midst of them.” But the true understanding of his words has become totally lost in the panoply of priestcraft, pomp and circumstance, and the temporal considerations of wealth and power.

As the knowledge of the Divine receded from the ordinary person, so too the knowledge of the sacred architecture, the telluric and celestial forces, and the whole awareness of the earth as a living organism disappeared. This had been known previously by all those who danced around the maypoles or standing stones, and it had reached its finest expression in the sophisticated sacred architecture of the great Gothic Cathedrals. This knowledge became restricted to an ever-decreasing number of people. This suggested, on the one hand, that the Church followed a deliberate plan to withdraw it and, on the other, that there was an attempt in lay circles to preserve it, in groups and sects which were to become victims of the Inquisition. Some of these groups were motivated by the hope that better days would return and their knowledge used again for the good of mankind. Others were motivated differently, perverting the knowledge for unholy ends, both private and political.

It is strange that the last 150 years has seen the burgeoning of the spiritual gifts of St Paul almost without exception outside the Church, such as gifts of healing, speaking with tongues, mediumship and so on. This is ironic, since the founding fathers based their teaching and practice on these gifts. The retreat of the Church into establishment and outward form, whether by accident, weakness or deliberately contrived, has gone hand in hand with the rise of the lay materialistic dialectic. The result is a handful of priests with personal awareness and a dissatisfied membership increasingly endeavouring to forge its own links with God and deal with spiritual matters on its own account. However, the message of individual consciousness got home. The attempt to destroy the ethic was nearly, but not quite successful. Enough individual moral and spiritual awareness remained for the people not to surrender completely before the wave of materialism. We had seen the new power of the State attempting to manipulate the masses in an unprecedented way and, it was successful. Was that, I wondered, what it was all about?

My friend, Joyce had been increasingly taking me into her confidence. I had come to know her, as a result of a remarkable intervention in a talk I had given at Trevor Ravenscroft’s. She was a medium, an astral traveller, and a remarkable woman in the best sense. She knew all about the Grail. For some time she had been writing automatically, and much of this had to do with the vibratory nature of the universe. Although some of what she produced was pessimistic, forecasting cataclysm in common with other mediumistic material available at that time, it was clear that she was producing information relevant to our work on the ley system. This was, that the then bio-rhythm of the earth was based on the number 7, (as we had ascertained) and that in order to raise the consciousness of mankind further, the factor of 8 had to be introduced. I discussed with her the idea of whether a cataclysm was inevitable, citing Prometheus and Jacob as examples. I argued that that if it were true that man had the Christ within him then, if he were sufficiently informed, he had the power of changing his destiny. Indeed, it was his destiny to have that power. She did not resist the argument too strongly even though it was at odds with what she had accepted earlier.

About that time, I had become aware of the work of Andrija Puharich, an old friend of hers, and the mentor of Uri Geller. He had given a lecture in London in November 1977, in which he had given his views on the purpose of the new 40 megawatt transmitters which the Russians had built. They were, he said, nothing more nor less than the practical application of Nicola Tesla’s theories and experiments. Tesla was an electrical genius who had effectively revolutionised the industrial age, by making it able to utilise all the advantages of alternative current. That he was a mystic also seems clear from his writings. He certainly understood that Moses was an expert in the use of electrostatic electricity, affirming categorically that the Ark of the Covenant was an electrostatic generator. Michael Bentine and I conducted some experiments with such an apparatus. We were able to show that the electrostatic field could be directed in a beam by holding a dowsing rod above it and rotating it. Pot plants shivered each time a rod pointed at them. We were also able to show that the electrostatic charge could be “leaked” to a seven circle dowsable configuration, causing it to expand into a full Grail symbol, leaving the generator fieldless. Thus, we reasoned, the fields formed in the symbols could absorb the electrostatic field in certain circumstances, permitting the hypothesis that the unified field theory was correct. This meant that the human psyche was capable of functioning within the unified field, whether it be called “ether”, “prana” or what you will. Moreover, the operation could only be carried out through the human psyche. It followed that the human psyche could dominate or be dominated by the electrostatic field, and probably also the electromagnetic and radio-active fields within the unity of all things. We recalled the ability of Uri Geller to make a Geiger counter scream at a pitch indicating fatal radioactivity in John Taylor’s laboratory in London when no radioactivity was present. We had also noted another phenomenon which we felt to be important, namely, that when a pendulum held between the finger and thumb were introduced into a dowsable line or symbol, it went 5 degrees out of plumb and remained so. What was more extraordinary still was that when we conducted tests with symbols which I produced mentally the pendulum was affected equally. This provided us with a hypothesis for telekinesis, and the possibility that the pendulum had moved in someone else’s hand because of an act of will on my part. This is not an experiment which is repetitive, but it is repeatable. It seems to depend on the persons present rather than on a set of physical circumstances. But this is in keeping with the hypothesis of the relationship of the unified field and the tuned human psyche. One had created gravitational anomalies!

It was in King’s College that Andrija made his presentation. What he had to say was this. Working on the Tesla theory, the Russians had built a stupendously powerful transmitter to transmit energy wirelessly through the earth, for weather and seismic control, the sinister aspect, was that these could also be used to affect the human psyche at any specified point of the globe. By the juxtaposition of earth waves transmitted through the core of the globe and air waves beamed to and from the ionosphere, a marriage of the two could be achieved at predetermined points, and a resonance set up. According to the frequency, specific results could be achieved. Andrija himself had conducted certain experiments, (limited by concern for the volunteer human guinea pigs,) with extra low frequency transmitters, but had satisfied himself that there were frequencies which could produce in the subjects, depression, nausea, elation, violence, quiescence and so on. I found none of this surprising. My own training in military intelligence, in particular in the case history of Cardinal Mindszenty in Hungary, had demonstrated that the exposure of human beings to certain frequencies of light and sound could produce psychological changes, especially in weak subjects. What was startling to me was that whole communities could be affected at long range, as had happened in Canada? Andrija said there was no defence against it. But he did concede privately that a person trained in alphagenetics could be proof against such a practice. This is a technique of controlling one’s own brain rhythms, as a yogi does. However, there are not many of these about.

A question we arranged to be asked at the House of Commons certainly obliged the Government spokesman to concede that such transmissions were taking place, “although” (and I quote) “they were not a matter of concern.” Therefore, it appeared that there were now technological means of invading the human psyche or, to put it another way, magic and machines had come together. We speculated about this concept further.

Much of Joyce’s freestream material was about this point. I select here certain extracts which convinced me about what she was producing. After a statement confirming the existence of ley lines, the source implied that there were methods of defence against the system, firstly using colour rays, and secondly:

“It is disturbing these beams through curves and angles, but never 90 degrees, that you will deter their thrust. It will be possible in the near future to so recurve these beams that you will be able to send them back to those who have sent them out. The symbols which are coming forth through your ley lines are exactly the symbols that will be used in redirecting the light beams.”

“It is imperative for you to have proposed ways of stopping and redirecting these magnetic waves.”

“We have impressed upon you repeatedly that the basic cycle of your Earth dimension is governed by the 7-cycle. When you begin to work with an inter-dimensional breakthrough you are operating on the 8-cycle, your well-known infinity sign… the magnetic beams your Russians are sending wrap themselves around people and are held together by the 7 spiral turns above and below.”

“These magnetic beams you are concerned with operate on a current of their own, in the same manner as the crystal substance.”

“There are those on your plane who will feel no effects from any of these penetrations. They are individuals so encased and coupled with their etheric body that the beams will, so to speak, curve around those beings… These beams will not affect your entire peoples, only those who themselves operate upon fears and frustrations.”

“It will soon be possible to project massive healings through your TV networks, if you beam through the ultra violet ray (the spiritual essence of its radiation) and couple it with the magenta ray, which is massive love rather than individual love. Using this energy, you will in fact cancel very swiftly that which the Russians are projecting.

“Do you not see that these beams are available to you for creativity on a world-wide scale that your Earth has not yet experienced?”

“These beams will always fan out from a central point. In this case the central point will be a ‘channel’ reinforced with a device containing a crystal…It is important for your ‘channel’ to visualise the energy as it travels first the ultra violet frequency, and then into the broader mass spectrum of the magenta vibration, seeing them as they span/fan outwards from the focal point. Begin to project of mass healing, as it is a positive tool against the beams coming from the Russian area…”

“Yours is a battle of the few, but what you achieve will be the vibrations for the beginning of the next Earth cycle. It is only through the vibration of the spiritual core of the universal system that there is any hope for your planet.”

“As you know, there are places on your Earth where several dimensions meet together. These will be the cross lines of your veins. They are the gathering points of energy and therefore will attract other energies by their very concentration.”

“The spiral… is the basic energy pattern of your Earth…If you have many ley lines converging at a point, it is from this point that inter-dimensional connections can be made… If you place yourself on these energy points, you will be within a connecting link of two worlds. Your dowsers know of these meeting points and are beginning to understand their significance.”

“Your concern at this present time is to find these central spiral points. They are obvious places at first. These are the old ones. Then there are the new ones which are the most important to find. These will indicate the places of 8th dimensional energy. The former is 6th dimensional energy. Seven, the balancing point has governed your Earth. You will be moving into the 8th pattern.”

“The Earth is being prepared to receive higher energies… If we are raising your planet to an 8 vibration, then many changes must occur on your plane. The 8 vibration will require change in the body itself, therefore many of your people are understanding foods, etc”

These transmissions started in May 1977, and the last one was February 1978. I was very struck by this material because it coincided with and amplified many points that had emerged in the study of the ley system and the finding of the Arsinal Grail. It also began to give a series of specific objectives to implement earlier instructions “to turn on” the Grail – that is, to perform that trick of the mind that seemed to activate it. I had given copies of the symbols to various people who had expressed and interest. But thus, far we had elicited comprehension of only a few of them, and a hazy understanding of their basic nature. I was satisfied that Andija’s statements were correct, and I had looked further into the writing of Nicola Tesla. Joyce’s transmissions indicated that the symbols were somehow important, and the idea (always in the background) that colour, form, number, frequency etc, were and are related in table of cosmic correspondences. The idea formed in my mind that one of the objectives on Good Friday must be to block the entries into the human psyche which were available to these transmitters. This became a conviction, and I thought that it might be achieved by projecting the appropriate symbols.

At the right moment, (naturally!) Joyce introduced me to John, space traveller extraordinary and expert in alphagenics. As I said earlier, alphagenics is the use of yogic techniques which enable the individual to control his own psychic state as a deliberate disciple. John showed me his “space-ship”. A quite beautifully designed room in which he had incorporated, in the appropriate colours, various spirals and octagons which enabled him to go “space travelling” whenever it suited him. By the correct use of these “parcels” he could move at will through certain dimensions and “fly”. I dowsed the room and found it to have 7 circles under the octagon in the ceiling and the double square rectangle in another part of the room. We talked at length about the form and frequency, he produced some tapes of some frequencies involved in the Russian transmissions. The first, he said was at a good frequency. It sounded horrible to me, and the negative symbols came up. “It sounds bad to me,” he said. “There is something wrong. It is playing at a different frequency.” This is interesting because my theory was getting support in an unexpected way. Then he ran through a tape in which the pulse was decreased to a level equal to the brain waves associated with the state of meditation together with a commentary. As this was proceeding, I recorded a change in the symbols of the room. Now this room was a functional point for two reasons, one because he made it so by what he had done there, and two, because there was already a single line coming into the house from the nearby church. This I had already dowsed, and when I went into the church it went into new, shining white, double cube altar in a side chapel. On the front of this, in crimson, was inscribed a “chi-rho”. Par for the course, as Michael would say.


The dowsing of the symbols during the tape was reminiscent of a long-range dowse. The seven circles under the octagon in John’s circles were replaced by another symbol on a small scale. These went on to become larger, and eventually produced the combination of the two symbols, resulting in yet another symbol, (as in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem,) when the meditative state was reached. All this I found corroborative, and once again it seemed to confirm a relationship between the symbols and sound, in this case highly specific. The tests which Michael had done showed that electrostatic fields could be introduced into the dowsable symbols, and I felt we had now a basis for some sort of operation involving the transmitters. I later enquired through the Elohim channel as to whether this was correct and, receiving the affirmative asked how many symbols were necessary. The answer was 12, and the symbols were then transmitted. They meant little, but I was struck by the fact that there were those which I had associated with beneficence. Moreover, there were 12, a number I had come to associate with Grail Activities, for example, Jesus and the 12, Arthur and the 12, the 12 associated with Charlemagne, Joseph of Arimathea, the 12 members of the Arundic council, and the 12 signs of the Zodiac. I felt sure it was correct to project these symbols on Good Friday, during the operation.

I noted that Joyce’s transmissions were full of reference to crystal and its significance. The Grail was a crystal device. I noted also the statement about the Earth being on a cycle of 7, Traditionally related to the ley system, in the sense that 7 was a crucial factor in the parallels in multiple line, also that it was going to move to an 8 factor. “Does that mean,” I inquired of the Elohim, “that the ley system will also move to an 8 factor.” “Yes” was the reply. I remembered something that Trevor had said at my first talk in his flat. “There are 7 Elohim. They are sun beings. They are concerned with the creation of identity and form. Six remain on the sun, but the seventh remained on Earth as a sacrifice, and took away all those influences on Earth which would have stopped them being sensitive to the other six solar influences. He was the greatest, and associated with the Moon.” Based on this and similar statements. I have come to associate the Jehovah Elohim with the number 7 and the form of matter, and I retained the notion that he has a specific mission in human evolution. If a transition from a 7 rhythm to an 8 was intended, would that involve the end of his mission? As I said earlier, (I was told that this was so, and that a new entity would be called “Chloe” based on the (C with a small opening on the right handside,) symbol. We had now established two objectives for the operation, the protection of the human psyche against psychotronic invasion, and a transition to a higher frequency, which involved the end of one era and the beginning of another.

I had to go to Spain in February. Whilst I was there I had an urgent communication from Mary, a medium and healer whom I had met only once, and whom my brother, David knew better than I did. I was to attend a circle for an important communication. I had attended one earlier and found it interesting, but undramatic. In that occasion, I had mentioned the finding of the Grail and other associated matters. This call had some urgency. What was interesting was that she lived in a house called Avalon on St George’s Hill. David and Michael, Clementina and Fusty Bentine attended with some others of Michael’s acquaintance. As before, Mary made me sit at her right, with Michael opposite at either end of a horse-shoe formation. I had received the Grail stone from Paul, who had brought it to me from Andorra. Bearing in mind Mary’s heart condition, we left it in the room secretly in its container. On the first occasion, David and I noticed that, as the circle opened and developed, the 7 circles appeared, later to be surrounded by the Grail symbol. We had also noticed that a 14-bar line was running through the property, and all seemed to be well in terms of symbols. That afternoon a substantial depression had overtaken me, a fact confirmed by Michael and David when I joined them. When we joined Mary, she said the same, namely, that she had felt some form of psychic attack that afternoon. David and I went around the house, “doing our thing”. The 14-bar line reappeared and the good double-square rectangle symbol. A[nd] so we began.

The first half hour was concerned with matters of a trivial and gentle nature. I took out a fragment of the Grail and placed it in Mary’s hand. “Oh, that burns right through my hand!” she said. (It must be recommended that psychic heat has nothing to do with kinetic heat.) As on the previous occasion, Mary felt the room to be full of Knights Templar and Cathars. When I dowsed a place where she had previously seen a knight, I found a double-square rectangle. “Jesus is here!” she said and, addressing a Jesuit novice and an Anglican priest who were present, received their confirmation. “He is in a robe of rusty red colour, and going around the circle in turn taking people by the hands.” Some confirmed a feeling of cold in their hands as He came to them. He came to me. “He says you are His brother and doing His work,” said Mary. “He is now putting your armour on. It is chain mail and you will need it for the further work you are to do.” I looked at my hands and saw them to have a luminous “coating” over them. I have been short on psychic experience, but one or two things had been happening of late which had at once disturbed and elated me. The first had been in January at Joyce’s house. She and John had gone into a “transmission condition” and for some reason had asked me to dowse the Elohim channel in response to the questions. As I stood up to dowse the answers I shook my head, for it was as if I were in the middle of a golden snowstorm. I had closed my eyes, and when I opened them, it was still there. It was a beautiful experience. I had told Michael about this later. “That’s grace,” he said. “You lucky chap!”

The other time had been in Barcelona. One night, as I was going off to sleep, my vision was affected by cloud-like effects at its perimeter. At the centre of my vision, key symbols then appeared in magenta – 49-square, the spiral, the 7 circles and a whole kaleidoscope of firework effects, which were a pleasure to watch. I kept opening my eyes and shaking my head, but they persisted both with eyes open and shut. Then to the right I had seen a group of white-robed figures. I am not sure whether there were three or four, but they were certainly there. I thought about how much alcohol I had drunk that night, in case that should account for this experience. I decided that I had not had enough, and anyway it was an experience without precedent for me. Later on I had told Joyce about this, and she had reassured me that all was well. Having said all that, here I was now in Mary’s circle, seeing points of luminosity over my hands and wrists, when she said that Jesus was clothing me in chain mail. By any test, I needed it. But what in earth was going on? When that phase was over, she announced that there was a giant figure in shining armour present. Others saw it too, but not me. “It’s Arthur,” said someone. “That’s right,” said Mary. Through her, Arthur said that he was calling his knights together for an important operation for England. Those present on this occasion represented and were re-living the roles of the ancient knights and were to swear their oath again.

Mary went around the group, asking each their Arthurian identity, assisting them if they were in doubt. David had brought the sword which I had bought for him in Spain, a replica, made in Toledo, of the sword of Alphonso the Wise. He had laid it on the table, at Mary’s request. It was pointed, though not deliberately at Fusty, Michael’s eldest daughter. During this phase, she was on the point of going into trance but abandoned it, confessing later that she had felt a very deep urge to “go off”, but was somewhat scared. Mary asked me to take up the sword and take it around the circle. “Who are you, Colin?” she asked. “I have not been told,” I replied. “Colin is Parsifal,” said Michael. “That is right,” said Mary. “You found the Grail. Now take up the sword and take it around the circle, and re-swear your oath.” We, did, although I must say I felt a “bit of a Charley”. However, I did not want to deny the process at this point. So I went around. She designated one member as Lancelot. Guinevere was identified. David was Sir Bedivere. The Anglican priest, was Merlin’s assistant, and so on. “Who were you, Michael?” asked Mary. With a gasp, Michael replied, “Mordred!” This, to say the least, was staggering as Michael is one of the gentlest and kindest souls I have ever met. He re-swore his oath. Arthur made some further remarks about the task ahead, and I returned thoughtfully to my seat, wondering what sort of ceremony I had taken part in.

What happened next was on a more mundane level, but it was still quite extraordinary. Mary’s voice took on a very masculine timbre, and a wholly distinctive accent, as if she were a 1940 RAF officer. “Donald Campbell here. Arthur lets me speak. I gather you are trying to do something for England.” “Hello, Donald,” said Michael, for he had known him well. “How are you?” “Not too bad.” “Donald, do you remember what you wanted to show me that night you took me back to your flat?” “Oh, the CBE. Well, that’s not very important.” “No!” said Michael, “It was something else.” “Oh, the guns! Yes, Tonia sold them later. No hard feelings. She didn’t feel the same about my things!” After these exchanges, he said that Arthur was saying he was taking too much time, and bade us goodnight. Through Mary, Arthur re-iterated the importance of the event and what we had in mind, and the circle broke up. Michael was astonished. “No-one here could have known about that night,” he said. “Donald took me back to see his father’s hunting rifles.” He was less impressed about his being Mordred. “I couldn’t say anything else,” he said. “There was this black entity behind me, and I knew it was him. “As refreshments were served, David and I did the usual survey of the gardens. I found a 49-bar line, where earlier there had only been a 14-bar line. The party relaxed, I did not know the Jesuit or the Anglican priest, but I did inform the former of my dowsing of Loyola, where the founder of his order had experienced his first vision. He did not know what to say about this, although he admitted that, at one stage in our recent proceedings, St Ignatius had been present.

Some of us went to Michael’s house, where I was staying the night. Michael opened a bottle of claret, as the proper sustenance under the circumstances. Fusty explained how she had felt like going into a trance. Clementina said, “I never see things like other people! Except this dragon…” “Oh yes?” we said. “Tell us about that.” “Well, there was this dragon behind me, all green, with webbed feet and breathing fire. That was when I complained of feeling cold, and Colin came over to dowse what was going on.” In fact, I had dowsed around her and found a solid square which I had asked to be dispersed. “So much for those who see nothing,” we said. I felt “cheesed off” because I had seen so little, except for the golden rain again and also, when Arthur was present, a sort of magenta mass which I could only describe as being like the Catholic representations of the Sacred Heart. That was the thought closest to my mind. “What about Mordred?” asked Michael. “After that everyone seemed to move away from me.” I thought about that and the other events of the evening.

I had felt, before we left Mary’s, that it was alright to get the Grail stone out of its box and I gave it to Mary. “Yes,” she said. “You found it. This is what you have to do. At a suitable point in Glastonbury Abbey, (I had told her it had to be Glastonbury) there is a flat place of significance.” “You mean Arthur’s tomb,” I said. “Yes,” she replied. “You will raise this stone first to the West, then to the East, then to the South and then to the North. First you will sprinkle each corner with Holy Water. Do you have any?” “I have Lourdes water,” I replied. “That is alright. When you raise the stone, you will project a great arc across the sky, sealing that point as it were. But you will spend more time sealing the North. That is the critical area. Do you understand?” “Yes” I said, somewhat taken aback. “God go with you,” she said. “You really did find it. At the same time, you will put one of the seals on the four horsemen of the Apocalypse.”

Now we were discussing the whole affair back at Michael’s. “Shall we take it seriously?” asked Michael. I thought for a moment. “I think so,” I replied, “for what we have been witnesses to was not a manifestation in form of the beings concerned, but of their archetypes…. At the same time, the presence of the evil archetype of Mordred was not sad news. It was necessary. For, if we are sincere in all this, someone must carry the diabolic archetype in preparation for the operation.” Indeed, I felt happy that is was Michael, because he was the very best person to deal with it. I reasoned as follows, the whole Grail business was almost impossible to accept on conventional terms. The “Colin is Parsival,” bit failed to get me into the street, grabbing passers-by by the lapels and informing them of the good news! It made me think, for that was an objective dowsable message. Certainly, we had learned a lot over the years and, if you like, learned to “draw Excalibur out of the stone”. For the Grail stone had shown David first and then me how to use the weapon of light as a purely psychic weapon. But the business of “group reincarnation” did not impress me too much. What I preferred was Tom Bearden’s analysis of “other world”, where he made (for me at any rate) a successful attempt to align modern physics with other dimensions. Inter alia, he had made the point that you could probably reincarnate as whom you wished if you give the right wave length. I liked this explanation, because there was no element of aspiration in it. If dear Michael was lumbered with Mordred, I could not accept that the Old Covenant was operating in his case. Indeed, I had the fancy job and he had the tough one, and if anybody deserved a fancy job, it was he.

Andrija had made a cogent point during his November talk in London, along with Tom Bearden. It was about group mind-linkage. He told us that he had been instrumental in training a group of young physicists in group mind linkage, and they had travelled together in the astral. Some very odd experiences had occurred, including unwilling teleportation, happily with no lasting effects. Some of the group had been tempted by a very real “devil” who offered money for their disaffection, again to no avail. But he made the point that a large enough group, perhaps only 100 or so people, could invade the collective unconscious and rid it of its rubbish. That is to say, they rid us of this diabolic archetype of ours, by doing some cosmic spring cleaning. Meanwhile we could replace this archetype with others of a more beneficial nature. Instantly, as he was speaking, I saw this role of the Grail Knights, not as killers of physical dragons and protectors of earthly maidens in the forests, but as highly developed psychic travelling into the great unconscious and rooting out the archetypes of evil. The “killing of the dragon” is the mythological representation of the directing of the ley energies into disciplined channels. In the same way, the Grail mission would be to change the archetypes that dominate our human subconscious. It appears possible for a well-disciplined group to travel through the great unconscious of the human race. I wrote on this theme to Andrija and Tom. I learned that a group had been disbanded which disappointed me. I felt it had to do with the Grail mission, and drew Tom’s attention to the points made above. When I discussed this with Andrija the possibility of a cleansing operation, he said that the members of the group had gone their separate ways, which left me with an idea, but no way of implementing it. The thought persisted in my mind that a further objective of the Glastonbury operation could be an “astral raid” of this sort in order to “sort out” the archetypes. To this extent, the experiences at Mary’s had a curios validity.


Arthur appeared to be relevant. It is my view that Arthur is an aspect of the solar archetype which appears as Christ, as Albion, Frederich II, Hohenstaufen, Charlemagne, etc. It is zodiacal in the sense that most of these archetypal figures are associated with the number 12. The prophecy of Balek about the New Jerusalem in England, the re-awakening of Albion, the promise of Arthur’s return and the anticipation of the Second Coming could conceivably be part of the same concept, i.e. the lifting of the enchantment which had fallen upon Britain and therefore upon the rest of the world. Mary has said in her sanctuary, “By doing what you are doing, you are preparing for the Second Coming.” I heard her words with mixed feelings. The lunatic asylums have done a steady business in people who get involved in Messianic affairs! Yet Mary did not know that I had been to Jerusalem and “opened”, under instruction, the Golden Gate, connecting the Rock of Abraham with the Mount of Olives again. If there were one chance in a million of us doing something relevant, we should all be willing to take it. Now, Blake, and Bligh Bond and others had always slightly worried me because of their predilection for Britain as being of prime importance in these affairs. It was some time before I came to realise that this was not based on some crude nationalism, but a recognition of some definite and little known facts about early Christianity. We have seen elsewhere a claim by the Archdruid of France that the Celtic Druids, far from being bloodthirsty barbarians that Julius Caesar would have us believe, were in fact a religious group within the same tradition in which Christ manifested in Jesus. That is to say, they were Pythagorean and Essenian. As I have been able to test the Archdruids claims with respect to the ley-lines and their functions and have found them to be correct in every respect, this provides me with a basis for accepting other contentions of which I am unable to test. I have also come to accept that legend should never be dismissed. It always has something factual and important to say.

Briefly, the point I find important about the legend concerning Joseph of Arimathea are as follows:

1) Joseph of Arimathea had trading connections with the lead mines of the Mendips, had visited these islands and, on at least one occasion, had brought Jesus with him.

2) Avalon had been a centre of Druidic sanctity of which he would have been aware. It is said that after the crucifixion the first thing he did was to return to Avalon.

3) Joseph was presented with 12 hides of land, each 160 acres by (?). This was the basis of the refusal by the Celtic Church to accept papal authority later. It was claimed that Britain’s bishops had unbroken apostolic succession.

One conclusion from all this would be that Avalon was a place of cardinal importance after Jerusalem in the mystery of Christ. Just as the ley-line system of Jerusalem showed it to be of prime importance, so the contention that the New Jerusalem is at Glastonbury ought to be taken seriously, with all the Bligh Bond and William Stirling implications. And here we were, under instruction to perform some sort of Grail ceremony at Glastonbury.

As I said earlier, Good Friday 1978 was not an organised event. But it drew the people who should have been there. And thus, on Maundy Thursday there arrived in Wells myself, Nick, Tammy, David, Eric Bosshard, (who had flown over especially from Washington), Michael, Fusty, Suki, Pesky, Joyce and John, to be joined in the following morning by Harold, Jill and Nancy, Bob and Veronica, Chris and Marcia. They all came because they felt they had to be there. After dinner on Thursday night, (which was devoted to human irreverence and minor hysterics), we felt it right to meet the following morning at Wells Cathedral. We were welcomed by the Cathedral staff and clerics as friends of Michael, who had done a BBC television appeal on behalf of the Cathedral the previous Christmas. In the Cathedral, I was seized again by the utter peace which that place gives me more than any other. All functioning well. I returned to the Chapter House. The vesical came up, and the fish, and I was given total confirmation to go ahead. The name Jesus surfaced. We continued round the Cathedral, as if we were being prepared. As we said later, the final stage of this long-awaited event started there. It was a pretty good start to the day.

We had beer and sandwiches in the hotel lounge, and drove to Glastonbury. On the way David and I noticed that we moved into a zone of continuous energy just before the hump-backed bridge which marks the border of Avalon. We came out of it on our way up to Chalice Well, where John suggested we went first for purification. We drank from the well, and John felt that the Grail stone should be washed in the well water. This we did, and thereafter no one but myself touched it. It was about 3 pm David and I tried to make contact with the Elohim channel, finding it extremely difficult. For a moment, I could not understand. Then I thought of the Chloe symbol. I was getting this instead of the Elohim symbol. “It’s already happened,” I said. David knew nothing about the shift that had been predicted, because I had forgotten to tell him about it. However, he concurred with my findings. As we approached the Tor I noticed that the symbols of two years ago were no longer there at the foot of the hill. “I expect there will be different ones there tomorrow,” I said. We pressed on up the Tor. At the top there was a mighty wind which penetrated to the soul and marrow. It bore a relation neither to the ground level wind nor the overhead clouds. It seemed almost the rushing mighty wind of biblical days. The dowsable circles were functioning inside the tower. We returned to the foot, dusted ourselves off and retired to a tea-shop.

As we sat there it began to dawn on me that I was about one hour away from the operation towards which all the work of the last three years had been leading. I went into a “brown study”, thinking of the mental projections I had decided to do. I rehearsed in a very positive way. Michael had been to the Abbey shop and had presented me with a present which I will treasure to the end of my days, a replica of a cross which had been found on the tomb identified as Arthur’s. On it were the words; HIC JACET SEPULTUS IHCL ITUS REX ARTURIUS IH SULA AVALONIA, which roughly translated means, “Here lies the tomb of Arthur, King of Avalon”, On an earlier visit, Michael had asked the shop to make an English silver replica of the cross and, as they had made two copies, he kindly gave me the second one. We had completed several circuits of the Abbey walls in the car and found that the huge energy field was changing, and that it changed with every circuit! The continuous zone we had noticed earlier was no longer continuous, but there were very wide areas of dowsable energy shifting around the Abbey. We tried to make sense of it. “It is a huge rotating spiral, centred on the Abbey,” suggested David. I tested his statement and agreed with him. We assembled in the car park and moved into the Abbey grounds, a motley and rather dis-organised group of men, women and children. My thoughts were somewhat confused, although I was aware that, at that moment, we were not masters of our own destiny. Those who were there were volunteers in a way, but we had made no definite plans of any sort. I felt a mild sense of panic. The time was getting near, 5.20 pm British Summer Time. What on earth was one to do or say? We had no established pattern for such as occasion.

The group coagulated as if by mutual consent on the Galilee, a point which John maintains is the most important in England. We stood in a circle. At that point I had promised to summarise the purpose of our visit for those who had not taken part in all previous preparations.

What I said was roughly as follows:

That the objectives of the operation were –

1) To secure the proper transition to the New Age.

2) To project, through visualisation and penetration into the racial unconscious, a re-affirmation of the Grail archetype, the concept of Christ, Arthur, Albion, whole idea of solar logic, (however it had been expressed,) as a predominant influence in the New Age, and the elimination of the evil archetype, Mordred the destroyer.

3) To protect the replacing of the seals of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, who had unleashed demoniac forces, manifesting in the violent images in the racial consciousness.

4) The protection of the human psyche from technologically produced influences.

I made the point that if anyone did not feel able to take part in such an act, we would quite understand. No one left. I exhorted all to put on their spiritual armour. So saying, I asked Michael to say a prayer. He asked us to join hands and he made a prayer to the Archangel Michael and all his counterparts in the celestial hierarchy, to bless our endeavours. It was the most appropriate prayer. I asked Michael to join me in going forward to the area of Arthur’s tomb, in preparation for others to come and join us. I asked John to go out of the precincts of the building and seal it off. I do not know why I did this. It just seemed right.

Michael and I walked forward from the Galilee together, myself to the left and he to my right, John left to go outside. Michael and I separated by about a cricket pitch and focused on the two great columns of the ruined arch. My own sensations were ones of absolute certainty as to the validity of what we were doing. Michael and I seemed to be walking in step. I felt tall, almost as tall as the pillars we were approaching. We past the pillars and entered the area of the tomb. I went through the discipline of purifying the area, that is to say, visualising a beam of white light from the forehead and sweeping it around the area. Michael and I then returned towards the columns and took up station by the side of each. Michael had a blackthorn walking stick with him, which he placed point down between his feet, both hands on top, for all the world like a knight at vigil. I fell into a similar stance, both physically and mentally. I gave the signal for the others to join us, and they came forward. We had agreed not to speak a word during the operation. Wordlessly, they fell into a circle around Arthur’s tomb. I stood to the east end, for no premeditated reason. Michael was to my left and Joyce to my right. I sprinkled Lourdes water at each of the four corners, and Harold, Jill and Chris chose to stay outside the circle. I took out the Grail stone and went through the procedure Mary had outlined, precisely, projecting the sealing of the four points of the compass, spending more time on the North.

Joyce had said earlier that day, as a result of her particular perception, that she was quite certain that as a starter to the operation we should visualise a counter clockwise spiral of energy revolving outwards and upwards from the centre of the group, that is from the stone, placed on the centre of the tomb. I therefore placed the stone on the tomb and the spiral projection commenced. I went through the projections I had rehearsed, taking the items from one to five. My sensation was of departing into some infinite region of the cosmos, a very high, and long way away. Each projection and visualisation was made. I am aware of no other recollection or impression than of doing them. I do not know how long it took but probably two or three minutes. I came back to earth and stood there in a neutral condition for a while. Tears came to my eyes and blurred my vision for a moment. I looked at Michael and he nodded. Without a word, we broke up.

As we walked away something happened which was the most moving experience of my whole life, second only to the realisation that the new line from Jerusalem’s Golden Gate went to the point of the Ascension on the Mount of Olives. “Look!” said John, pointing upwards. On the centre point of three arches on the southern side of the Abbey sat a white dove. It was cooing most enthusiastically, we all watched him in a poignant moment of credulity and incredulity. “I think he approved of us,” said John, “for he joined us at the very beginning. When Michael said his prayer on the Galilee, he was there above us, and two feathers fell in the centre of the circle just as we broke up. He followed us up the church and as we formed a circle I watched him form a victory role to take up position on the arch. You know,” he said to all and sundry, “that the white dove is the symbol of the Holy Spirit.” “Yes,” I replied, “and in every Good Friday Grail ceremony described in medieval legends, the White Dove comes down on the Grail.


We broke up into smaller groups and left the Abbey. Driving back, David and I noticed great energy bands occurring as we dowsed our route back to Wells. “I am quite sure it is a gigantic spiral,” he said. We drove in a curiously voided frame of mind and drew up outside the hotel in Wells. It was in front of the Market Cross and we knew that earlier it had had a 7-barline. I dowsed it. One-two-three-four-five-six-seven, and then as a quite excruciating look of attempting the control of the rod appeared in his face…eight. “You were right,” he said. So, two startling things happened that day, the arrival of the dove and the transfer to the eight. After dinner, we all sat down to give our own versions of what we had felt and at that moment. John took notes. Michael and family left for dinner in Bath. “It’s an old show business adage,” he said, “take your money and run.” Later he, Fusty, Pesky and Suki wrote down their versions. It is fitting that these should be recorded here. Michael confirmed by telephone that night my impression of being a knight. “I felt as if I had on a rough jerkin and chain mail, not plate armour.” He had sealed off the area. Going through the columns had been like going through a portal into another space. “I also felt this was not the first time this had been done by me. There had been no rehearsal, but everyone present had known precisely what to do. I relayed Michael’s comments as we sat around in a circle in the hotel lounge, before a log fire. I dowsed around the group found an 8-bar line entering from the direction of the Abbey. There was a symbol in the centre of the group. It was like the double square rectangle at first, but it continued. It was a trapezium thus:


Bob then told of his experiences. He had tried to go through his Kabbalistic ritual to help the proceedings. “But do you know,” he said, “however hard I tried, I could not remember a word of it.” All he could do was project a pentagram to the four cardinal points and a circle of fire. He received no return images, but during the high point he had felt a very cold wind on his back. David then spoke, saying he too had felt it to have been a military exercise. It had taken a very long time to walk up to Arthur’s tomb. Everybody had seemed to be in step. Although it might have been suggested by earlier discussion he had felt St Michael energy to be present. Towards the end, distinct impressions had come into his mind. The first had been a huge sword held upright over the group as if in a victory salute. The second had been of a spiral energy shooting out of the circle and circling around the earth. He felt that he had left his physical body. His spiritual armour literally felt like armour, it was smooth and soft like a space suit. It didn’t come out like medieval armour, but like a space cadet armour. Eric, our man in Washington, then spoke. He felt himself to be the dummy of the group. He had felt happy on the Galilee and had felt lines coming into that point from all directions. He had been the last to join the group at Arthur’s tomb. He felt he would rather have stayed in the Lady Chapel. He had felt changes in the energy fields and had spinal shivers and couldn’t help shuddering. He had been expecting a manifestation. (At this point, as he was speaking, I saw the “golden rain” effect in the room.) He also felt we should have linked hands around Arthur’s tomb as well, but I pointed out that we had already formed the link at the Galilee. When he returned to the Altar of the Lady Chapel after the ceremony he felt, “an incredible pulsing energy.” It was good and he was pulled into it. As he walked through the car park he had felt as if he were walking through a loop of a spiral which was then expanding.

Veronica, who had not really taken part in the pre-match warm-ups, had no preconceptions as to what might happen and therefore her testimony was most interesting. She too, had the strong impression of a military operation. John, whom she had seen moving off to the side to seal the exterior, had been standing very erect. She felt the approach to the tomb to have been very light, almost like flying. She had really felt and seen the spiral of light. It had emerged from the Grail stone and spiralled upwards from within a circle around the group. There was a downward spiral from the heavens which met the lower one above the church like an hourglass. The stone looked light in weight, etheric and timeless. This happened more than once. She had been impressed by the youngest group member Nancy, (Harold and Jill’s daughter) who had joined the circle. She seemed perfectly still within herself, and radiant. She then felt a strong energy come in, a neutral one, but then it joined up each person in the group and gave a great sense of well-being, with a strong movement up and down her spine. The base had become warm and this had moved up to the heart area. She had felt the sudden cold wind blow, but it had blown through her, not around her. She felt as if her body elements were separated. Then she felt her trousers flapping and she came down to the earth. Tamsin said she felt as if she were in a spiral, warm and as if she had gone on a long journey. Nick didn’t seem to see or feel very much. Chris confirmed an earlier comment by Michael that he had seen the grass on the tomb change to lime green, the colour, as John pointed out, of the 8th dimension.

Joyce then gave her feelings. She had noticed there had been 17 (1+7=8) people present. There had been a processional energy and as I had walked forward it was as if I had been lifted into the air. A energy stream had arrived to fill the void in the Abbey and then moved back. When the spiral energy had started, it had been the fastest group spin she had ever seen, and she had seen a few in her day. The stone had gone rose then taken on a yellow glow, and then a connection with another dimension had been made. Above she had seen a sort of planet in the sky with a disc around it. Its axis had been tilted. Then she had seen a pentagram, then a pyramid, then a planet like object, rather like a UFO mother ship, with open ended tubes coming out of it. She had felt very warm at that point. Then had come the cold breeze, which Bob remembered had been exactly at 5.20pm. She had dreamed of Nancy the previous night as being an 8th dimension representative.

John stated that he had been aware of a light barrier all around Avalon which, in the road from Wells to Glastonbury, is on a particular hump-back bridge. There he had noticed David and I had first started to complain of solar plexus problems, and had dowsed a major energy field. He felt strongly we should go to Chalice Well where auras had been cleansed and he had had an overwhelming desire to wash the Grail stone, giving it to me thereafter, so that no other person should touch it. When we had gone up Glastonbury Tor, he felt great “Merlin” energy. He himself had balanced the energy, projecting it into a great white crucifix. While he had been alone in the tower on the Tor the powerful wind had, as it were, lifted him up. At the Galilee, he had felt strong St Michael energy coming in from the cardinal points. He noted the white dove and the feathers falling. After we had linked hands he had felt a procession of medieval knights on horseback coming in from the Abbot’s Kitchen and going on up the Tor. He noticed that what was coming in was from the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms. The “Merlin” energy came from the animals, and it was as if the little animals from the woods, had gathered to watch what was going on. He too felt it wrong to go on to Arthur’s Tomb, but now felt on reflection that it was probably right. As I had put holy water on the four corners he had seen a shooting white light, after which four white horses came to appear at the four corners of the precinct where we were. They stayed only for a short period. The stone was the focus of the light. He then went “out of body”, feeling very tall and looking down on the group from a great height, in company with a great congregation of the “etheric church”. The spiral occurred and went on revolving. He was aware of an energy shift, as it were, tilting the earth. He saw UFO-like objects in the air connecting to the Grail stone. This connection left, leaving a blue light. The stone changed to rose and gold. The Arthurian energy he felt had been closed. Then he felt that a great “thank you” had been said.

Fusty told her story thus. She remembered that in Wells Cathedral that morning she had had a distinct smell of burning wood. Later, as we moved to Arthur’s Tomb at Glastonbury, she had a vague impression of being a man, that she was taller and her shoulders were slightly hunched, as happens when people are taller than their fellows. Whilst standing around the tomb, she was very cold, (a feeling only shared by others at 5.20 pm when the wind blew) and shivering violently. It was just before the circle broke up that she felt warm and at peace. As we all left the feeling of peace was emphatic, but for the next two days she was plagued with feelings of migraine and sickness. She did not feel or see things as strongly as she might have, but then due to her incipient mediumistic tendencies, referred to earlier, her subconscious was deliberately blocking out these feelings.

Suki to whom I had given the stone to carry into the Abbey grounds, said that Michael, on entry, had said he felt great power. She moved over to him and “as usual I felt nothing. Then I got a sort of tingling in my nose and mouth and I could not breathe. It was as if my throat had completely closed. I moved away and I was alright again.” She said that when Michael and I moved forward to check the ground we seemed different. We walked like taller men, and when we halted we looked as though we were on guard. Michael, she recalled and as I remembered, held his blackthorn stick down, but she said that although I held nothing that I recall that I looked as though I was holding a stone stave horizontally with arms extended downwards. When we were standing in the circle, I moved in front of her when I was putting the stone to the four points of the compass. As I stood in front of her, again she could not breath, and it reached the point where she felt she had to leave, then I moved on and it was alright, many of the others had seen her sway backwards at this point and were afraid she would fall over. She was not aware of swaying in the physical sense, although she felt it mentally. When all was normal again she started to project the spiral, as requested, and kept feeling she was falling asleep on her feet and each time she jolted herself awake by cutting off the thoughts and opening her eyes. “When we moved away I was really floating and just wanted to smile.” She joined the group which went to the Abbot’s Kitchen and, like all of them, felt it was too much and had to get out for lack of breath. “For the rest of the day I felt sleepy but really happy.” She explained further that she never “sees” anything. She can distinguish the dream state, and that night as she was falling asleep a picture exploded into her mind in a flash. It was brilliant. It was a clear summer’s day, and there was a white castle on a green hill with a bright blue sky. Not a fairy castle but a military fort with a square tower at each end. On one tower a pennant was flying. The hill was higher than the horizon so that it was silhouetted against the sky. When she told me about it and asked me what it was, my immediate reaction was “Camelot”.

Pesky shared the impression that Michael and I had been very tall men as we walked forward. It was as if to military figures had been superimposed over our persons. He too had had the impression that Michael held his blackthorn as if he was on guard. He noted Suki swaying, “as if she were in seemingly semi-trance,” and twice he had thought she would fall. His last impression had been of a pastel blue light over everything. It was all pervading and cold, but not in a sinister way. After it was over he had felt a compulsion to return to the altar of the Lady Chapel. “I am not a particularly religious person but it seemed important to pray there. I removed my shoes and knelt with my forehead on the altar saying, ‘Let this be good. Let this be right.’ As I knelt thus, I felt warm and happy, and the stone against my forehead was warm. I felt one with the stone as with the beginning.” Pesky did not know that this altar, according to John, is the most important spiritual place in England.

These are the impressions of most of the people who were present at what, on the face of it, had been a gathering of gentle, religious, occultists cranks but which, when examined in depth, may well have been and probably was a religious and spiritual act without parallel for possibly 2000 years. I do not say this out of any fanciful or “inner” awareness. My conclusion is based on results or changes that took place that day and seem, four weeks later, to be permanent changes in the ley system.

1) The 7 is now 8,

2) The line system functions on a 2-4-8-32-64 basis instead of 1-3-7-14-21-28-42-49 basis.

3) The spirals in the earth temples in the South Downs changed to a circle containing 7 circles. The spiral has disappeared. The dragon had been slain.

4) The symbols I had dowsed two years ago, at the foot of Glastonbury Tor had changed.

The next day in Glastonbury we went to the Abbey grounds and checked everything out. As we moved near the altar in the Lady Chapel, John again pointed out its significance and the fact that one should only move behind it with permission. I sought and obtained such a permission, and noted that there was a 64-bar line in that confined space. Oddly enough, above and going to Arthur’s Tomb was a 16- bar line.

We went onto the Tor and while John and Eric went up, I dowsed the symbols at the foot, having noticed that the previous morning there had been nothing. John then felt he should go up Wearyall Hill, where Joseph of Arimathea rested on his way to Glastonbury. There he planted his staff on the ground and it grew and leafed into the Glastonbury Thorn, which botanist say is a type of thorn that grows in the Middle East. This was where he felt a new energy coming in. Certainly, I could dowse it, a broad swathe coming down the hill. We went to Wells, noticing again the huge spiral effect that seemed to be emerging from Glastonbury. On the way, back to Brighton, I stopped to check the Wolstenbury lines. The singles were all double and the triple, a four, so it had reached there. Later Eric reported similar phenomenon from the U.S. and Fred the same from Spain. I found it changed the ram’s horn effect, but the 7 circles in the flat remained the same. The Elohim symbol had definitely gone to be replaced by the Chloe symbol.

So what had we done? Apart from the inference that we were an innocent band of pleasantly harmless folk fantasizing an occult romance, one had to face the fact that the dowsing results showed everything to be different. Therefore, my conclusion is that at least some of the objectives of the exercise were achieved. It is arguable that we had little free will in the matter, and we might as well have been hired hands performing a cosmic puppet show which was inevitable, with a script written by others. I wonder. I had often felt this to be the case, but I had never any doubt that we were going to go through with it, and the question of what would happen if we didn’t go through with it seemed both apposite and irrelevant at the same time.

I reasoned thus. The shift from a factor 7 to a factor of 8 had taken place. On the face of it, human consciousness had moved one stage up the scale. What did it mean in practical terms? We had to bear in mind that occult tradition in general, and the Revelation of St John and the account of Genesis in particular, had indicated that the basic rhythm of the earth was on a 7 frequency. What would happen if it were now on an 8, 8 being the number of infinity, a good number for the Aquarian Age. The first thought that occurred to me was that, whereas the basic bio-rhythms were on a 7 in the past – the 7 days a week, no one could expect this to change – however, perhaps the fact that the ley system no longer reflected this indicated that man’s higher self could escape from this rhythm. I also reflected that whereas I had at last made sense of the Elohim symbol, now one had to cope with the Chloe symbol, a circle with the 1.30 to 2.30 section missing. What could this mean? I do not know, nor can I surmise. The significance of this symbol will become apparent in the next Age. It is no wonder to me that David was having problems with his old friends in the Celestial Hierarchy. On Kabbalistic level their numerological function had been changed, consequently even their names might change. Perhaps a new Revelation is necessary and a whole new nomenclature and identification of Function. Perhaps David has to do this. A whole new divine cosmology may be necessary.

As to the other objectives of the operation, time alone will tell. I hope and pray they work. Perhaps the new age will spark off a new and general awareness of the Christ spirit in everyone which will bring to an end the current struggle between Marxism and a democratic freedom which is purposeless. Perhaps the time has come when political leaders can lead men to the stars instead of to the trough or the dole queue, when the subjugation of the individual to the state bureaucracy or the search for material satisfaction can be replaced by a conscious search for spiritual fulfilment in a new relationship with the cosmos. Fervently I hope so.

Thomas, Suzanne; Bloy, Colin. Who’d Have Thought It: A Community Healing Project (Pages 45- 80). . Kindle Edition.

[And, for the astrologically minded, here’s the ‘event’ chart:]


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