Is Mysticism a Science?


Our Faith & Science group is having a discussion, via email, ahead of this week’s meeting. The nub of the discussion is around the use of the phrase “mysticism is a science”. One of the more vocal members of the group has challenged this idea, and sparked a debate.

Here’s what Ken Wilber wrote about it, in the foreword of “Entering the Castle” by Caroline Myss:

“Want to find out if those essential points of mysticism that we have so briefly outlined here are, in fact, true? Well, I will tell you the final thing that I personally love about genuine contemplative mysticism: It is scientific — in the sense of experimental, experiential, and evidential. Try Teresa’s seven-step interior experiment as taught in Entering the Castle, and see for yourself. It’s an interior scientific experiment. Entering the Castle is fully based on St. Teresa’s seven interior mansions, which are explained and elaborated here so beautifully, so clearly, so compassionately, so lightheartedly, so wondrously by my friend Caroline Myss, for whom dearest St. Teresa became not only a spiritual woman who had written a brilliant practice manual, but a saint who saved Caroline’s life, showed her her soul, awakened her heart, and set her on the never-ending, always-actualizing, timelessly fulfilled road of practice.”


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