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Ingrid Channels Personal Fire Dragon Poetry

B*tch: a Reclamation (2022) You might wonder why I would buy a book of poetry intended for women. Well, in the first place, I have lived most of my life surrounded by women. Secondly, I have read and admired Ingrid’s … Continue reading

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That’s Just Cosmic, Man!

Psychedelic Fractals of Infinite Consciousness There are so many reminders of our ‘other’ energies in fractal art. Some are plainly beautiful, some contain fearful symmetry. But the overall effect is to inspire us to think ‘outside the box’. The Mandelbrot … Continue reading

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Once a Poet, Always a Poet?

Dante Alighieri (died September 14, 1321) Blame my calendar again: On this day in 1302, the poet Dante Alighieri is exiled from Florence, Italy. Maybe I’m taking all of this astrology stuff too personally, but you’d be forgiving of me … Continue reading

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Yesterday in History II

Derveni Papyrus Found (January 15, 1962) It’s all Greek to me… The Derveni papyrus, Europe’s oldest surviving manuscript dating from 340 BCE, is found in Greece. “The main part of the text is a commentary on a hexameter poem ascribed … Continue reading

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The Holiday Card

A staple of summertime correspondence, the humble postcard has been the only communication between those on vacation and those stuck at home. I explored the idea of its mundane purpose… Seasick, Too The ‘wish you were here’ seemed so insincere; … Continue reading

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The Enneagram (Redux)

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? It’s an interesting image, the Enneagram. The hidden message is the solution to π: 3.142857. I have tried to encode the following poem with the same message.     Enneagram   The symbol of esoteric…

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Haiku (Redux)

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Haiku poetry is a style that originated in Japan. According to Wikipedia, it is typically characterized by three qualities: The essence of haiku is “cutting” (kiru). This is often represented by the juxtaposition of two images…

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Spiritus Sanctus (Redux)

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In my series of sonnets called Spiritus Sanctus, I wrote several poems that would act as reminders of some spiritual truths I had absorbed over the years. For example, the following poem highlights Jesus` sayings on…

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Was He a Lover or a Fighter, or Both?

William IX – Duke of Aquitaine (1071 – 1127) I came across an article about the troubadours, yesterday. Today, I looked at the man who may have ‘invented’ the precursor to the sonnet, as the first Troubadour. While reading his … Continue reading

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It’s All Starting to Make Sense, Finally

Troubadour As you may recall, I like writing poetry; and the sonnet is my format of choice, for many reasons. But I’d never understood why, before yesterday. That’s when I learned that sonnets may have evolved from the musical poetry … Continue reading

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