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Finally, Making Sense of the Bible as Allegory

Jesus and the Lost Goddess (2001) On Thursday, Ian, from our Faith and Science group, sent us all a link to a Goodreads post about this book. I recognized the title instantly, since it has been sitting in my library, … Continue reading

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Was Jesus an Initiate into the Dionysian Mysteries?

Lord of the Dance I’ve hinted about this idea, before, on these pages. The idea just won’t go away. The Son of Man, on the other hand, feasts and drinks, and you say, ‘He’s a glutton and a drunkard, and … Continue reading

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Was that My Funeral Pyre in 340 BCE Greece?

And was I an Initiate into Dionysian Mysteries? I should not have anything to do with the discovery of the Derveni papyrus, should I? And, yet, just for fun, I compared my birth chart with the ‘event’ chart from this … Continue reading

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Yesterday in History II

Derveni Papyrus Found (January 15, 1962) It’s all Greek to me… The Derveni papyrus, Europe’s oldest surviving manuscript dating from 340 BCE, is found in Greece. “The main part of the text is a commentary on a hexameter poem ascribed … Continue reading

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Initiation: Kundalini Rising?

The Way of Initiation The caduceus, also known as the Staff of Hermes, is an ancient Greek symbol. We invariably see it as representing medicine but that is a mistake: The caduceus is often incorrectly used as a symbol of … Continue reading

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Who was the Beloved Disciple of Jesus?

Was it St. John the Divine? This is one of the enduring questions which has puzzled Christians from the 1st Century CE to the present day. And the fact that there are so many competing theories has not made it … Continue reading

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Dreams: is there a higher education?

I never did attend university, but I finally graduated from high school, in my dreams. It may have been much, much more than that. Graduation Dreams figure greatly in my learning processes. The one that seemed to recur regularly was … Continue reading

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