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How the “Son of Man” Became the Son of a God

Titus (December 30, 39 AD – September 13, 81 AD) Just when I thought I was done with Roman Emperors, another one makes me take notice. This is due to starting to read “Caesar’s Messiah” yesterday (and continuing today). This … Continue reading

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Seeing is Believing, Or is It?

“It’s a Miracle!” I watched episode five of “Messiah” last night. It was the one entitled “So That Seeing They May Not See”. (All the episode titles have vaguely spiritual/mystical meanings to them.) I think this would have been better … Continue reading

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Wishful Thinking or Literal Scripture?

Messiah (2020) We came to this show a bit late, since we didn’t have Netflix until May. I’d seen it on the lists but hesitated until last night. Now that I had a first look (episode one) I can see … Continue reading

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What the Heck do Any of Us Really Know?

Jesus Christ’s Second Coming With the world wide weirdness going on around us every day, it just seems logical that there is a spiritual point to be made about it. In fact, even the main stream media have been hinting … Continue reading

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Answering to a Higher Authority?

Where are the Children? (NBC) This real life mystery has been captivating the viewing public for four months now. Here is a link to NBC’s news about it. This next video raises a few eyebrows (and questions): did they store … Continue reading

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Who was the Beloved Disciple of Jesus?

Was it St. John the Divine? This is one of the enduring questions which has puzzled Christians from the 1st Century CE to the present day. And the fact that there are so many competing theories has not made it … Continue reading

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