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Beings of Light: Angels or Demons?

Who Are They, Really? As you may have noticed, if you have read many of my posts here, that I have a certain discomfort with dualistic thinking. Why do things have to be categorized as one thing or the other? … Continue reading

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On the Way to Seventh Heaven

A Soul’s Journey I bought this book primarily because there was a quote on the cover by Taylor Caldwell: “I thought this book profoundly beautiful and mysteriously consoling and most inspiring.” A couple of years ago, I wrote a blog … Continue reading

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To Blog or Not to Blog

THAT is the Question William Shakespeare would have had no problem answering this one. Writers, by trade, must write. But what if they have nothing to say? Have you ever known anyone with an opinion holding back? Take reviewers of … Continue reading

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All Along the Watchtower

Jehovah’s Witnesses We have all experienced being door-stopped by a couple of ‘missionaries’ who want to share their “Good News” with us. As a student of the Bible, I do not mind discussing their interpretation of Jehovah’s Word, but I … Continue reading

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Here or the Hereafter

A 17th Century Theological Discussion Seeing we went backwards rather then forwards, we thought ourselves uterly lost. That rogue that was with me sayd, “See thy God that thou sayest he is above. Will you make me believe now that … Continue reading

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Mount Cardou: the Tomb of God?

There is a mystery in the countryside near Rennes-le-Château. But there has been a lot of speculation as to what on earth it might be. Poussin’s painting might give us a clue, but to investigate it, one must keep an … Continue reading

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Crusades: Onward, Christian Soldiers

The recent attacks in Paris have spurred the West into action. Is this turning into another Crusade? Who is right, who is wrong? Who can tell? Sol Invictus Crusader Knight   In the name of Christianity, a load of vitriolic … Continue reading

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