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Paranoia: Were Saul of Tarsus and Josephus Contemporaries?

The Devil’s in their Details Except for the Acts of the Apostles, and Paul’s letters in the New Testament, there would be no other ‘proof’ of his existence. Isn’t it interesting how awkward that makes it for anyone believing his … Continue reading

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The Day That the Holy Spirit Descended on the Apostles

Pentecost (May 15, 30 AD) I was reading in a Steiner book that Pentecost took place in 33 AD, 49 days after Easter Sunday. Why is everyone stuck on 33 AD? By my own calculation Jesus’ resurrection took place on … Continue reading

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What If I Had Been the First-Called Disciple?

Andrew the Apostle (10 AD – November 30, 60 AD) For a number of years now, I have presumed that I was one of the Romans in Judea during Jesus’ time there. But I have had no real ‘proof’ because … Continue reading

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When Cornelius Won Over the Skeptics

Scepsis, Mysia (now Kursuntepe, Turkey) The history is non-specific, but the details are legendary: [Cornelius] accepted the Christian faith and joined the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church thanks to the preaching of Apostle Peter. Having acquired the genuine experience … Continue reading

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The Birth of Christianity Reimagined

The Man Who Died D.H. Lawrence, towards the end of his life, started to examine the life and death of Jesus. I read this book in the 1970’s and, at the time, thought about what Lawrence was trying to accomplish … Continue reading

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Cornelius the Centurion

Acts 10:3 – The Angel appears to Cornelius the Centurion Blame it on a blind spot, if you will: I had forgotten that the whole chapter of Acts 10 is devoted to Cornelius. This is the same Centurion that is … Continue reading

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