The Birth of Christianity Reimagined


The Man Who Died

D.H. Lawrence, towards the end of his life, started to examine the life and death of Jesus. I read this book in the 1970’s and, at the time, thought about what Lawrence was trying to accomplish with the writing of it under its original title, The Escaped Cock. (I suspect he was referencing the cock crowing three times during Jesus’ trial before Pilate.)

Lawrence paints a picture of Jesus’ life after death, not as an ascended master but as a sick and broken man, who was glad to have escaped the need to found a new religion.

According to Lawrence:

I wrote a story of the Resurrection, where Jesus gets up and feels very sick about everything, and can’t stand the old crowd any more – so cuts out – and as he heals up, he begins to find what an astonishing place the phenomenal world is, far more marvellous than any salvation or heaven – and thanks his stars he needn’t have a ‘mission’ any more.

(Emphasis mine)

So, Was It a Near Death Experience?


As you may have noticed previously, I have written extensively on the life and death of Jesus in The Star of Bethlehem. But I never looked at the Resurrection before. Why is that?

This year, I dug into three published accounts of Near Death Experiences. I also wrote last year about Hamish Miller‘s NDE in the 1980’s. Was I preparing for this post?

So, what does this chart show us?

There are three Yods (Fingers of God), all interconnected. (Where have I seen this before? Ah, yes, while doing a birth chart for my cousin Terry’s widow. It surprised me.)

The Yods are pointing to Mars, Saturn and Uranus. Quite simply put: the sacrificial lamb overcame the world and inaugurated the Aquarian age.

For those who need the longhand version, here goes:

Moon Inconjunct Saturn

Later in life you might feel that you have no roots, that no one cares for you and that you don’t belong anywhere. This is called alienation, and you are likely to feel that way if you do not learn to balance the needs of both planets.

Venus Inconjunct Uranus

Your uncertainty about love and freedom will be even greater if one of your parents doesn’t seem to really love you steadily, if you feel that you cannot count on that parent when you need help. This would make you feel that love is somehow unreliable, that you cannot depend on anyone who loves you. As a result, you won’t permit anyone to depend on you either.

Mars Inconjunct Saturn

Sometimes with this aspect there really is someone in your life who discourages you and makes you feel that your efforts are futile. You must learn to avoid negative people who make you feel bad about yourself. Your parents should work very hard to give you self-confidence and show you that you are a valuable and important person.

Mars Inconjunct Uranus

Sometimes you may make sudden moves that startle people. You may make a decision very quickly and start to act on it immediately, but that is not such a good idea. Make up your mind more slowly, or at least wait for a while until you start to act. If your idea still looks good a couple of days later, it is probably all right to go ahead with it.

Noli Me Tangere (“Don’t Touch Me”)

For ever, people have wondered what Jesus meant when he said this phrase to Mary Magdalene. If you look at the inconjuncts listed above, you will see that there is an issue of discomfort about the Resurrection. So, maybe D.H. Lawrence was right, after all.


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