The Day That the Holy Spirit Descended on the Apostles

Pentecost (May 15, 30 AD)

I was reading in a Steiner book that Pentecost took place in 33 AD, 49 days after Easter Sunday. Why is everyone stuck on 33 AD? By my own calculation Jesus’ resurrection took place on April 6, 30 AD. Therefore, Pentecost would be May 15, 30 AD.

Uranus (the “Quickening” energy) is pivotal to the whole chart, with a T-square involving Mercury (languages) and the Midheaven. Mars and Neptune are conjunct in Capricorn trine the Sun while Pluto is in a grand trine with Uranus and Jupiter, and trine the Moon/Venus conjunction. This definitely describes the Holy Spirit.

I would suggest that the Apostles were ‘inspired’ to speak to the world. Those “tongues of fire” are quite suggestive of their mission.

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