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One of Jesus’ Last “Words” on the Cross

Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani? This scripture is the most misunderstood question that Jesus has been quoted as saying, while he was hanging on the cross. Some have even called him out for asking it, suggesting that if the crucifixion was … Continue reading

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What the Heck do Any of Us Really Know?

Jesus Christ’s Second Coming With the world wide weirdness going on around us every day, it just seems logical that there is a spiritual point to be made about it. In fact, even the main stream media have been hinting … Continue reading

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Answering to a Higher Authority?

Where are the Children? (NBC) This real life mystery has been captivating the viewing public for four months now. Here is a link to NBC’s news about it. This next video raises a few eyebrows (and questions): did they store … Continue reading

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Is Masada a Myth?

Herod The Great’s Fortification Sometimes, you just have to be there, to get some idea of what’s gone on behind the scenes. This picture, above, reminds me so much of Montsegur. But that’s where I am reminded that the victors … Continue reading

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Star Wars as Spiritual Truth

Harpur’s Heaven and Hell This book from 1983 is a series of essays written by Tom Harpur and published in The Toronto Star newspaper. I’ve had a copy of it since about 2007. It’s still one of my great reference … Continue reading

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Portrait: Artist as a Young Woman

Meet Akiane Kramarik As I was looking at YouTube videos yesterday, one was suggested for me. It was about Akiane and her painting called Dharma.   Even as I was watching it, I remembered that her painting, “Prince of Peace”, … Continue reading

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A Thoroughly Modern Mystic

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955) Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, (born May 1, 1881, Sarcenat, France—died April 10, 1955, New York City, New York, U.S.), French philosopher and paleontologist known for his theory that man is evolving, mentally and socially, toward … Continue reading

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