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Gospel Truth: “Place of the Skull”

Golgotha, Jerusalem It might seem self-evident to some, but for as long as I’ve lived this life, I presumed that Golgotha was so named because of the skeletons of those who were crucified, but not buried. A visit to Jerusalem … Continue reading

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Grasping at Straws: Genuine or Fake?

The Shroud of Turin This discussion has been going on since 1354 AD. And in recent days, several YouTube videos have stated that the atheist scientists were wrong in the carbon dating of October 1978, suggesting that the snippets of … Continue reading

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Did We Misunderstand What He Meant by Christianity?

John Lennon and Upsetting the Religious Train I was originally intending to repost what John Lennon said about Christianity in his 1966 proclamation that made Southern Baptists burn all their Beatles’ albums. here is what he said then… It turns … Continue reading

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And Just to Prove the Theory, John the Baptist is:

Merlin He’s the ‘wild man’ who inaugurates the legendary hero’s journey, and acts as his guide and mentor.

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Wait a Minute! Could I have Done the Same for Arthur?

Geoffrey of Monmouth (1095 – 1155) It such a funny feeling I get, when I read (or watch) a passage which describes how King Arthur was invented. Was I Geoffrey, in a past life, and did I create a Romanized … Continue reading

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Jesus: “Are There Not 12 Hours in a Day?” (John 11:9a)

What About the Round Table Knights? Here, in the image of the replica Round Table in Winchester, there are 24 knights (and one King Arthur). Hmm. Is this spiritual progress of some kind?

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Can Any Good Thing Come Out of …

Nazareth? (John 1:46 KJV) It’s the type of sarcasm that permeates the New Testament Gospels and helps to confirm that they were written as ‘satire’. Uncomfortable as it might seem, such proof demands an open mind about Jesus. I’ve already … Continue reading

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I’ve Said It Before: My Knowledge Runs Deep

Gnosticism This image represents the Demiurge. He is the ruler of this world. He is not God. We are God. What I find fascinating is that the ‘script’ running along both sides of this image represents the astrological signs (Aries … Continue reading

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Beware the Ides of April

The Siege of Jerusalem (April 14, 70 CE) I cannot imagine how I would have felt on this date in 70 AD. As Tiberius Julius Alexander, the siege would have been a necessary evil. The Jewish rebellion had been going … Continue reading

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I Reviewed the Past Year, and Decided It Ain’t…

The Gospel Truth It’s a strange process, to be sure: you think about all the things that have happened (and, in some cases, are still happening) and you wonder if it’s true, or just another made-up fairytale. How can we … Continue reading

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