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More News about Non-Binary Beings

Janelle Monáe (December 1, 1982) Well, that was totally unexpected: Janelle Monáe comes out as non-binary on Red Table Talk. And just yesterday, I watched an automobile commercial that features Janelle, and wondered about her. Hmm. Well, according to what … Continue reading

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Is There a Direct Link Between Four World Religions?

From Buddha, through Jesus and Muhammad, to Baha’u’llah Ever since I started charting historical personages, astrologically, I’ve had a nagging thought about the connections of the most familiar leaders/originators of four of the world’s religions. But before I show you … Continue reading

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Make Yourself: At Home

Ikea Canada’s 2022 Slogan It’s a clever bit of advertising, this. Most of the time, we think the phrase means ‘settisville’ as Jed Clampett used to say, meaning ‘set yourself down and relax awhile’. Ikea’s meaning is different. Here’s another … Continue reading

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Synchronicity: Fox and Geese Childhood Game

A Gnostic Illustration Maybe this is a stretch, but I see a symbolic representation of Gnosis in this childhood game. Directions This game requires four or more players and a large, open area of unspoiled snow. Stomp a big circle … Continue reading

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Finally, Making Sense of the Bible as Allegory

Jesus and the Lost Goddess (2001) On Thursday, Ian, from our Faith and Science group, sent us all a link to a Goodreads post about this book. I recognized the title instantly, since it has been sitting in my library, … Continue reading

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Why the 3rd President Decided to Rewrite the Gospels

The Jefferson Bible (1820) It’s a curious thing to do: cut out passages from the four Gospels in the New Testament and paste them into your own version of the Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth. That’s what Thomas … Continue reading

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Was This Grand Master a Reincarnation of Jesus?

Jacques de Molay (executed on March 11, 1314) It seems a strange theory, but one supported by the Masons. However, we don’t know Jacques de Molay‘s birth date, so I cannot prove his karmic lineage that way. Needless to say, … Continue reading

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Sometimes, a Hunch is More than a Hunch

Is Rupert Spira the Second Coming of Jesus Christ? This is going to sound weird, but it was that little *ping* that went off when I saw that Rupert Spira’s Uranus was @ 17° Leo 40′. A-ha. It’s exactly opposite … Continue reading

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Astrology: 1,440 Minutes in Every Day

Betty White Died on New Year’s Eve A week before December 31, 2021, I wrote about the potential for a war with Russia. I included an ‘event’ chart timed for 12 midnight of that day (based on Washington, D.C.) That … Continue reading

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A “Light Bulb” Moment is:

(Literally) an Epiphany (Today @ 12:45 am) It’s a strange sensation when you have to get up in the night (to let the dog have a drink of water) and as you lay down again, a thought occurs: today is … Continue reading

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