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Whodunit: the “Black Dahlia” Murder of…

Elizabeth Short (July 29, 1924 – January 15, 1944) Today’s post was prompted by a YouTube video from the Forensic Astrology team of Ellie Adams and Brandy Burrow, yesterday. This sensational murder is still unsolved after almost 76 years. That … Continue reading

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Hmm. What the Hell was John Grisham Thinking?

The Brethren (2000) Crime doesn’t pay, or does it? By the time I finished reading this novel, I was totally fed up with the concept that if ‘someone’ in government makes a mistake, his errors can be erased, papered over … Continue reading

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Manhattan Court Case #71543-23

Donald J Trump Arraigned (April 4, 2023 @ 2:30 pm EDT) For historical interests, only, I have raised the Trump Arraignment chart and compared it to Trump’s birth chart. Well, well, well: the Ascendants are almost exactly conjunct. What are … Continue reading

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This is No April Fool’s Joke: The Time Is Now!

Trump Indictment (March 30, 2023) This is something no one thought would happen. Well, looking at Alvin Bragg‘s birth chart, it seemed that something had to give eventually. That time is now! As always, there are subtle (and not so … Continue reading

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Hush-Money Payment to Minimize Family Trauma for:

Melania Trump As a defence for that payment to Stormy Daniels, this one makes the most sense. I’ve told you before that the real power behind the throne is Melania. Donald wants to keep on the good side of her, … Continue reading

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It Seems to be Written in the Stars (and Elsewhere):

Trump Grand Jury There are a lot of people holding their breath, waiting for the other shoe (indictment) to drop. But there are a couple(?) of things to consider. First of all, this may stir up a hornet’s nest of … Continue reading

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Think About It:

Trump Fears Getting Fingerprinted It was something that Ellie Dreams Down Under said at the end of a recent videotaped Tarot reading about Trump: Why doesn’t he want his fingerprints taken? Is he worried that they might be found on … Continue reading

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Let’s Try It Again, Since It Worked So Well the First Time

Protest: Take Back Our Country I cannot truly understand why the MAGA crowd thinks Donald J Trump is the best thing that ever happened to America. But that’s probably because I’m a Canadian who is looking at this stuff as … Continue reading

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The Murder Case that Inspired the Plot of “The Fugitive”

Dr. Sam Sheppard (December 29, 1923 – April 6, 1970) I wouldn’t have thought to even look at this event, if it hadn’t been for this quote from “Denial of Justice”. There is a lot of Q & A in … Continue reading

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“I Plead the 5th”

The 5th Amendment The American public can be forgiven if they think that this amendment is a ‘Get-out-of-Jail Free” card. In reality, it is a protection of an individual’s right to remain silent when being interviewed about a crime. This … Continue reading

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