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Treachery: A Whole Lot of Faking Going On

Surrender of Quebec (July 20, 1629) Oh dear. This is the moment when a permanent stain was placed on Étienne (Stephen) Brûlé’s memory. As a background movement, he may have been instrumental in the Kirkes’ capture of Quebec, but history … Continue reading

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Conspiracy! Communists in the State Department

Senator Joe McCarthy Accuses the Government of Treason On the day I was born, Joe McCarthy started his crusade against Communists in the government, Now, obviously, this was a few hours after my birth time of 3:49 am, but the … Continue reading

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Alliance Insider: Patriotic or Treasonous?

“Arthur” and the Round Table Knights It’s like having someone whisper in your ear: the title of today’s post is ‘Alliance Insider’. So, I do my research and come up with this image. Which then leads to this page. WTF? … Continue reading

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History Lesson: Losing One’s Head

Charles I of England Executed Today in 1649 After his succession, Charles quarrelled with the Parliament of England, which sought to curb his royal prerogative. Charles believed in the divine right of kings and thought he could govern according to … Continue reading

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