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Impossible Mission: Regime Change

The Impossible Missions Force The term ‘black ops’ is more common now than when this television show premiered in 1966. And there seemed something ‘real’ about it, even though it was supposed to be a fantasy. Especially the opening sequence … Continue reading

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How to Solve an Enigma

Alan Turing: The Enigma There are two versions of this same cover: the one shown above and the one where Benedict Cumberbatch turns and faces the camera, revealing his character. (Side note: Benedict Cumberbatch is a relative of Alan Turing.) … Continue reading

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Is Smiley (Somewhat) Based on Intrepid?

When asked who he based George Smiley‘s character on, John le Carré states that he is an amalgam of several people. And for a long time, I accepted that response on face value. Now I’m beginning to wonder…

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A Man Called Intrepid I read this book years and years ago. I bought it recently, again, in order to share it with one of our grandchildren. The story sounds fantastic, and some of the details may have been fabricated … Continue reading

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Spy vs Spy: Tit for Tat

Ex-Spy Poisoned in Salisbury This seems like a plot straight out of the mind of John le Carré. It was even set in Salisbury, where his last book had a ‘safe house’. Has someone been reading his mail? Sergei Skripal … Continue reading

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Spies: A Legacy of the Cold War

A Legacy of Spies I got this book in the mail yesterday, and I’m already halfway through reading it. It is John le Carré’s 25th book, but it is the first time that two previous novels have been referenced in … Continue reading

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The Honey Trap

  The Cold War Yesterday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau apologized to every persecuted member (past and present) of the Government, the Military and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police who were hounded out of their careers for being (potentially) homosexual. This … Continue reading

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