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Can What You Don’t Know Hurt You?

Unacknowledged My daughter, Rosanna, and her husband watched this film on Netflix the other day. When they told me, I checked it out on YouTube. The whole film can be seen here:   So this film, by inference, raises the … Continue reading

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The Origins of “CABAL”

The Kabbalah I was researching the life of Charles II, when I came across an interesting item on Wikipedia: There is a theory that the term took on its present meaning from a group of ministers formed in 1668 – … Continue reading

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We are the Fifth Estate

Enemy of the People? Trump has declared war on the mainstream media (MSM) by calling them the enemy of the people. What he really means is that they seem to have made him their enemy and this is his way … Continue reading

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Question: What’s the Dark Web?

Answer: If you don’t know, don’t ask! Week after week, I hear the term ‘dark web‘ on the TV show Elementary. According to Sherlock Holmes, he goes to the dark web whenever he wants to buy some information or merchandise … Continue reading

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Is Smiley (Somewhat) Based on Intrepid?

When asked who he based George Smiley‘s character on, John le CarrĂ© states that he is an amalgam of several people. And for a long time, I accepted that response on face value. Now I’m beginning to wonder…

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Operation Jubilee: Raid on Dieppe

A Canadian Disaster/An Allied Success During World War II there was a ‘secret war’ going on, too. This particular battle was intended to test German defences in anticipation of Operation Overload (what we call D-Day). In reality, those in control … Continue reading

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A Man Called Intrepid I read this book years and years ago. I bought it recently, again, in order to share it with one of our grandchildren. The story sounds fantastic, and some of the details may have been fabricated … Continue reading

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