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‘Cause He’s the Cashman…

Cash Peters (June 6, 1956) He styles himself ‘the English Channel’. That’s an interesting body of water. He has a couple of YouTube channels, one of which I’ve shown on previous posts, Soul Crossings with Cash Peters. It’s a unique … Continue reading

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Well, Here’s Another Interesting Thought About:

The 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing (February 4, 2022) There is some speculation as to whether Vladimir Putin will launch his Ukraine offensive to coincide with the opening of the Olympic Games in Beijing on Friday of this week. Hmm. … Continue reading

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It’s Time to Disprove a Theory about Putin

Genghis Khan (died August 25, 1227) When Nostradamus predicted that the King of Terror would return in 1999, people have speculated that he may have been referring to Vladimir Putin, who rose to power in Russia in that year, two … Continue reading

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“In a Coat He Borrowed from James Dean”

Bob Dylan (May 24, 1941) Not sure why I’m supposed to feature Bob Dylan (born Robert Zimmerman) today. It started with the line from Don McLean’s American Pie, quoted as the title of this piece. Then it evolved into his … Continue reading

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A Little Birdie Told Me So:

When a Chickadee Came Knocking at My Screen Window I was working on the Birdi post a couple of days ago, and heard to my right a noise at the window. As the glass is opaque (obscure) I could vaguely … Continue reading

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The First Superstar Astrologer

Evangeline Adams (February 8, 1868 – November 12, 1932) I’d never heard of this woman, until today. Does that seem possible? Her claim to fame came at age 31 when she told the owner of the hotel she’d moved into … Continue reading

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What the Heck is Pluto Going to Be Doing to Me?

I am mindful, at all times, that the planets are going about their various movements, without them being remotely interested in me personally. And that is as it should be. As an astrologer, it is up to me to map … Continue reading

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Revelation: Corona Borealis

Don’t you just love it when several disjointed bits of information suddenly come together to give you the ‘bigger’ picture? That’s what happened when I looked at a post from two years ago, here. There was a picture showing the … Continue reading

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The Holy Spirit is with Us Now

The Fire Heart While reviewing some earlier posts from May 2019, I was surprised by the accuracy of their message. Trouble was coming, and things were going to change, in a big way. Is There Need of a Blockade, Somewhere? … Continue reading

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We are Never, Ever Alone

Contacting Your Spirit Guide Sylvia Browne has been in the news lately. In one of her books, End of Days, she foretold of a respiratory virus in 2020. That was in 2008. Some people are incredulous about this. This book, … Continue reading

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