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Humanism: Another Way?

  Evolution versus Creation Dan Brown, in his latest novel, Origin, has done it again. He has taken the questions we all ask ourselves (“Where did we came from?” “Where are we going?”) and spun another tale of suspense and … Continue reading

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Christmas 1973

    The last time my son Derek and I woke up to Santa’s presents in the same house. The following year, we moved to a trailer park, and the year after that, I moved to BC.  

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Adventures in Youth: 6

  Paddling My Canoe I practically lived on the water when we lived in Muskoka, Ontario. But I had never gone out by myself in a canoe until my final summer there. I would have been 11. We must have … Continue reading

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Adoption: to the 3rd and 4th Generations

  An Open Secret Brigitte, pictured above, is the latest in a long line of family members that have been adopted. This happened a month before her 9th birthday. Working backwards, Brigitte’s mother, Amy, is my adopted child. I was … Continue reading

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Adventures in Youth: 5

  Snow Wonders Growing up in Windermere meant that I lived in the heart of Winter Wonderland. It snowed, and snowed. To the adults living there, this meant a constant battle against nature. To us children, FUN! I have several … Continue reading

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  I want to hold you so near That we become only one, But something has come between: A feeling of unloved fear That you’d like to ignore, shun; Blind thoughts of what might have been.   Our relationship’s futile, … Continue reading

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This Just In: True Doh! Moment

  A Conflict of Interest Yesterday, Justin Trudeau said “Sorry” to Canadians for appearing stupid. The Aga Khan had been generous with his private island and helicopter, allowing Trudeau and his family to celebrate Christmas in splendid seclusion last year. … Continue reading

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Capricorn — The Sea-Goat

The tenth sign of the zodiac In Hindu astrology: Makarar — and considered by the ancients to be the most important of all the signs. Is it possible the ancients recognized in the Winter Solstice the point of gravitation that … Continue reading

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A Date with Destiny (a Red-Letter Day)

  Star Wars: The Last Jedi Considering that this movie franchise has been active for 40 years, it’s amazing to find something new and different in its content. The characters are the same from the previous film The Force Awakens … Continue reading

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Adventures in Youth: 4

  Windermere Dock This scenic view of Windermere must have been taken when I was a boy because the details are “right”. Everything is where it should be, and the look is exactly as I remember it. Although you cannot … Continue reading

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