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A Man Destined for Greatness

Winston Churchill (Nov 30, 1874 – Jan 24, 1965) Most people think this man saved the United Kingdom from being overrun by Nazis during World War II. But as always, he didn’t do it alone. His words did. The timing … Continue reading

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Flawed Hero: Triumphs and Tragedy

Charles Lindbergh (Feb 4, 1902 – Aug 26, 1974) Today in history (1927), this man became a household name: Thirty-three hours and 30 minutes after he took off from New York’s Roosevelt Field, aviator Charles Lindbergh lands 3,600 miles away … Continue reading

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Lawrence of Arabia: Exit Stage Left

  It’s not often a movie kills off its hero within the first 3 minutes and 20 seconds. But, I suppose, David Lean couldn’t have done anything less than that, since most people knew T.E. Lawrence by his heroics in … Continue reading

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Lawrence of Arabia: Man and Mystery

Thomas Edward Lawrence (Aug 16, 1888 – May 19, 1935) Since Lawrence died today in 1935, I thought it might be time to look at this enigma more closely (i.e. astrologically). If anything, we may get a hint as to … Continue reading

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“Getting Old is a Gift” Grandpa Eddie

Jumanji: The Next Level We came to see this one last night, two month’s late. It’s been almost that long since we last went with our granddaughter, Brigitte. This time, her Auntie Zanna was visiting from the U.K., so that … Continue reading

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Female Hero in Male Dominated Worlds

Rogue One Do you think it was an accident or coincidental that this movie came out shortly after Donald Trump was elected President? In my world, there are no accidents… Today is International Women’s Day: my youngest grandchild is staying … Continue reading

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The Actor: Myth and the Hero

  A Thousand Faces For those with a skeptical nature, reincarnation is a hoax of monumental proportions. How, they ask, can a man be born again? Jesus’ answer to Nicodemus, that one needs to be born of the spirit, gives … Continue reading

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