A Giant of a Hero for the British Side in 1812

Sir Isaac Brock (October 6, 1769 – October 13, 1812)

Standing at 6′ 2″, with a wide girth, Major-General Brock was an easy target for an American sniper that day at the battle of Queenston Heights in 1812. The shot went straight to his heart. Despite stories to the contrary, he had no time to utter any last words to his troops before he died.

According to Wikipedia: He kept a reputation as an “unusually tall, robust” man throughout his life, with an adult height of about 6 ft 2 in (188 cm). Measurements taken from his uniform show that at his death he had a waist size of 47 inches (120 cm) and the inside brim of his hat measured 24 inches (61 cm) in circumference. Though Brock was noted as a handsome man who enjoyed the company of women, he never married.

As he had proven in an earlier battle at Detroit, he acted in lightning quick strikes with the element of surprise on his side. But the Governor-General, George Provost, preferred that Brock defend Upper Canada rather than attack the Americans. It proved fatal for his final battle, but his actions inspired the British to win the war in the end.

This birth time is randomized, but the resulting Yod pointing at Uranus made it seem correct. Notice how there are five aspects involving Brock’s Uranus, two involving a Grand Trine with Neptune and Pluto, the two inconjuncts of the Yod with the Sun and the Ascendant, and one opposition to Mercury. This was definitely a man ahead of his time. He should have lived to a grand old age, but he died young, by today’s standards.

This chart is close to accurate, time-wise, because he rode into the battle at dawn. Notice now that the Grand Trine is focused on Pluto, this time, with Uranus and the Midheaven being the other parts. The double inconjunct involves the Sun/Ascendant conjunction and Pluto, again, while an opposition with Mars gives it a fatal feel.

The combined charts shows a life well lived, in spite of the end. The Sun/Mercury/Ascendant of the ‘fatal’ chart perfectly links up with the Sun/Mars conjunction of his ‘natal’ chart. This man was born a soldier and died one. It was his life’s love (Venus conjunct Venus) and his Sagittarius personality was to become legendary (‘natal’ Ascendant conjunct ‘fatal’ Neptune).

Leading from the front…

My personal memory

Until I returned to Canada in 2007, I had only visited the site of the battle twice. The first time was in the spring of April 1963 on a school trip, and in December 1982 with my ‘new’ family. Here are three photos from those visits to Queenston Heights.

Brock’s Monument 1963
Brock’s Monument 1982
Amy and my mother 1982

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