Intense Emotional Nature? Probably This Aspect…

Moon Conjunct Pluto

I just discovered today that at least three women in my family have this aspect. (My particular aspect is similar: Moon Square Pluto.) So what were we all trying to do?

According to Robert Hand’s Planets in Youth:

You have very deep feelings, but sometimes it is difficult for you to talk about them with others. You feel they would misunderstand what you say and probably think badly of you. You may feel that there is a part of you that is so “bad” that you cannot trust anyone with it. This is not usually true, but you will think that it is. You probably have a strong emotional tie to your mother, and it is most important that you have a good relationship with her. If you and she can discuss your emotional problems openly, it will help you a lot, because you often feel guilty and bad about yourself and therefore quite miserable.

Your feelings are very important to you, and you are likely to react emotionally to every situation and person you meet. But when your emotions get in the way, it is difficult to see clearly what is happening. And your moods affect you so much that as they change, your personality changes accordingly. One day you are positive and cheerful, and another day, sad and gloomy. When you love someone, you love very deeply, and your close family and friends are very important to you. Once you have become attached to a person or even a place, it is difficult for you to break away.

As you get older, you will want to live very intensely. You will often look for a new experience just so you can feel the emotions that go with it. Feeling nothing seems worse than feeling a difficult emotion. This may make your life quite different from other people’s, but it can be quite rewarding as long as you don’t let your emotions run your life completely.

My Family Members’ Moon/Pluto Signs




There, ’nuff said.

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