Did He Order a “Satanic Hit” on his Pregnant Wife?

Roman Polanski (August 18, 1933)

Image courtesy of The Independent

It’s a delicate question, but one that I haven’t seen asked before. It’s true that Roman Polanski has a ‘spotted’ history of poor choices in his life, but has anyone thought that he would or could possibly have wanted to ‘sacrifice’ his “good” wife and their innocent unborn child?

(And if you are wondering why I’m returning to Sharon Tate’s murder, I was asked to contact yet another person who could be a greater portion of Sharon’s reincarnating soul. She ‘knows’ what really happened, and she is the one who suggested that Roman is connected to her end.)


Every single astrology site lists 10:30 am as ‘excellent’ for accuracy in timing of Roman’s birth. Even my computer program had that time, but had Krakow, Poland as his birth place. I have amended that to Paris, France. No doubt this chart has been dissected by people more qualified than me, so I will limit myself to one very important detail: Moon conjunct Pluto (in Cancer) within 4° of his Midheaven. I’ve written about this troubling aspect before, here.

In my usual way of letting stuff sit in the back of my mind until the right time to share it comes, I have always felt uneasy about Roman’s film “Rosemary’s Baby”. Why his obsession with it? Was he sending a signal out into the world about his beliefs and ‘inspirations’? I wonder.


In the original post I did about Sharon’s murder, I noted that there was a Yod connecting her birth and death charts. Well, I neglected to say that in the ‘murder’ chart, there is a Yod pointing at Mars. The inconjuncts involved are the Moon/Venus on one side and Saturn on the other. Up until now, I have withheld that information, because its interpretation is too awful to contemplate, but the time has come to share my intuitive insight:

The Moon (mother) and Venus (lover) is Sharon. Saturn (Satan) is the father-figure, Roman. Mars (murder) is the act itself. They are all linked. Roman was ultimately responsible for Sharon’s death. And although he may not have actively ‘ordered’ the hit, his preoccupation with the idea may have initiated a chain of events that led to the ritual sacrifice of ‘innocence’.

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6 Responses to Did He Order a “Satanic Hit” on his Pregnant Wife?

  1. captmccoy says:

    I think the death of Sharon Tate was to punish Polanski for his movie. Polanski is a Jewish survivor of the holocaust.


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  4. cdsmiller17 says:

    Both ladies of my acquaintance agree that Roman had ‘something’ to do with Sharon’s death, but they don’t say exactly what. It is rumoured that Roman and Sharon took part in a satanic ritual…


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