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One Man, Multiple Masks

Peter O’Toole (Aug 2, 1932 – Dec 14, 2013) When I was looking for proof of T.E. Lawrence’s birth time, I happened upon Peter O’Toole‘s birth chart. That ‘accident’ is the prompt for today’s post. Lawrence of Arabia was breakout … Continue reading

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Kenneth Branagh is the New Olivier

One Face, Many Roles I caught the last few minutes of Thor the other night on TV and was startled to see that the director of the movie was Kenneth Branagh. I wasn’t startled that he was the director, just … Continue reading

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A (New) Star is Born

Lady Gaga could win an Oscar Bradley Cooper is a very smart man. Most directors would be wary of yet another remake of this story. In fact, after Barbra Streisand’s last joke of film, the idea should have been dead … Continue reading

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The Actor: Myth and the Hero

  A Thousand Faces For those with a skeptical nature, reincarnation is a hoax of monumental proportions. How, they ask, can a man be born again? Jesus’ answer to Nicodemus, that one needs to be born of the spirit, gives … Continue reading

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