Aphasia: Moonlighting with One’s Mind

Bruce Willis (March 19, 1955)


My daughter, Rosanna, thought that this would be an interesting subject to write about. I wasn’t so sure.

Yesterday, Bruce Willis’ extended family issued a joint statement that essentially ended his acting career.

He recently has been diagnosed with aphasia. But no one is sure of why. This is where astrology can help us understand better.

This birth time is considered quite accurate. And, when I first looked at it, I was hoping to see something for his present age (67), and I wasn’t disappointed: Mars @ 14° Taurus 48′. Talk about grounded… (I won’t investigate the two inconjuncts, although they may yield extra ‘proof’.)

If Saturn had been there, I might have thought that this diagnosis was something longstanding that has crept up on him very slowly over time, but Mars is the sign of accidents. So, his thinking ‘out of phase’ may be due to a bump on the head, which isn’t out of character, especially since he has been in so many physically demanding acting roles. But they’re not saying that out loud, so there could be negotiations going on with one or other movie studios to get him compensation for his injury/injuries. We shall see.

The Moonlighting (title) reference comes from the Moon being conjunct his Descendant (@ age 24). This man became very popular, very quickly, winning an Emmy for his wisecracking role as David Addison. His co-star, Cybill Shepherd, played Maddie. Hmm: Maddie’s son? Strange twist of a name.

A recent photo

May your life be healed, Bruce.

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2 Responses to Aphasia: Moonlighting with One’s Mind

  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    Sun Inconjunct Neptune: “If you develop a bad self-image because of [some] negative influences, you will assert yourself in unhealthy ways. Instead of standing up for your own rights, you will give in to another’s will, but in such a way as to make that person feel guilty. Often you will refuse to tell someone what you really want, thereby allowing him or her to hurt you without meaning to. You may begin to see yourself as a helpless victim of circumstances.”


  2. cdsmiller17 says:

    Venus Inconjunct Jupiter: “If you do associate with difficult people, you may be unable to live up to your own standards of behavior. You may do things that you usually wouldn’t approve of, because somehow the relationship weakens your resolve to do what is right. But this won’t happen if you choose your friends carefully and avoid people who are not good for you.”


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