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The Divine Life

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The Divine Life

Is it possible to ‘pinpoint’ a past life using Astrology? I think so, and A.T. Mann thought so, too. In his book’s Chapter 9, entitled “The World Age”, he postulated that one can calculate the ‘when’ of these lives by having an accurate birth chart erected, and then looking for the specific placements of the planets.

“The limits of the world age of 48,000BC and AD1950 are graded by an astrological sequence from Aries to Pisces. The same log sequence divides history as individual life, but in the reverse direction of time.”

World Age Log

“The intermediate dates occur at 5000 years and 500 years before AD2000, which places them at 3000BC and AD1500, equivalent to the beginning of Leo and Sagittarius.”

The Chart

Using my own birth chart, I will endeavour to demonstrate how this works.


The Planets

The Sun

20º Aquarius 3′

This may have been a Great War life, but not the one I ‘remembered’ during my Hypnotherapy session. What I specifically saw was my death on the battlefield after being blown up by some sort of bomb. The birth of that life corresponds to 1892 AD. (It could have been an earlier echo of WWII.)

It turns out that this life may have extended into the rest of the first half of the 20th century as “Ramsay”. The ‘death’ I experienced may have just been an NDE from the Great War. My ‘spy’ persona is strong in this one.

The Moon

14º Scorpio 45′

I think this could have been the Christian Rosenkreutz lifetime, as discussed in my recent blog. Scorpio is secretive and the 11th is the house of groups and fraternities. The timing of that life corresponds to 1330 AD. (Note dated August 15/19: this is my Cathar lifetime.)


24º Capricorn 12′

This one will most definitely have to do with William Blake and John Varley (and their collaboration). Mercury is the writer, and the 1st is the house of expression. The date would be about 1822-23 AD.


5º Aquarius 44′

I haven’t had the pleasure of remembering this experience yet. But the indication is of a life sometime in 1855 AD. Turns out I was President Lincoln’s police protection officer who didn’t prevent his assassination. The date refers to John Frederick Parker‘s marriage (Venus) on July 16, 1855 to Mary America Maus.


10º Libra 59′

I originally thought this might be my Cathar life, but it’s too early in time. Anyway, the energy of Mars is more warlike. Two events which have significance to me happened in the year 720 AD: a stone church was built at Glastonbury Abbey; and the Muslims began a long siege of Carcassonne. Further research indicates a life as Count Roland.



15º Aquarius 45′

Again, I don’t know the life which this one might represent. The year is 1883 AD, and a lot of things happened in this year, including Karl Marx dying in London. (Again, further research found that Blavatsky and Olcott began working together to start the Theosophical Society.) It is also the year that Rudolf Steiner left university without a degree. Perhaps the Swami of Baltimore?


17º Virgo 59′

I call this life the “Roman Governor”. Whether or not it’s Pontius Pilate remains to be seen, but the timing is 10 AD, so definitely in the early part of the 1st Century. Subsequent investigation concludes that it was a Centurion of the Roman Army in Judea instead. In the end, I decided to make the connection with Tiberius Julius Alexander.


1º Cancer 17′

My friend Christina thinks we were part of the Atlantis ‘experiment’ which went horribly wrong.  I’m not sure, but it seems entirely possible, given that the date for this placement is 6700 BC.


17º Libra 14′

Again, I’d hoped that this represented the Cathar life, but again it’s too early. The year is 862 AD and the most notable event in the West is the death of King Donald I of Scotland after a 4 year reign. In Eastern Europe, Saint Cyril and his brother do some great work with the Slavic language and a translation of the Gospels.


16º Leo 56′

There are no records which would help me decide which life I had lived in the first decade of 1600 BC. However, my friend Christina, when asked if she could come up with the name of a Greek god that might be connected to me, said that the only name she got was Homer. That was a surprise! His great poems the Iliad and the Odyssey were written between the 9th and 8th century BC (according to scholars). The Trojan War occurred in the 13th century BC, and Sinon seems to fit the bill, but then again, history has a way of telescoping events into a single narrative.

North Node

10º Aries 2′

This date corresponds to 39270 BC. Could this be when I incarnated for the first time? Perhaps. It also represents the last time, too. It is the Alpha/Omega point of my life.


18º Sagittarius 51′

This is my fur-trader/explorer life. The date relates to 1650 AD. This is the one that makes me restless for the open road. It also keeps me from being complacent. Radisson is sooo me.


12° Libra 47′

This is related to energy of Mars, as noted above. It is conjunct a South Node of a friend’s chart @ 13° Libra 00′. That year relates to Charlemagne being crowned. Hmm, most intriguing.


19° Sagittarius 38′

Further proof of my Radisson life. This position is conjunct my Ascendant and is tied to the date March, 1655. The following quote from “A Brief History of Canada” notes this for 1659 (which is the date for 20° Sagittarius):

Following the loss of trade with the demise of the Huron Nation, the King of France commissioned Pierre-Esprit Radisson and his brother-in-law Médard Chouart des Grosseilliers to explore westward and set up trade relations with any natives they discovered. During their voyage, they discovered the headwaters of the ‘Michissipi’ River. The reactions to their return to Quebec would cause them to change allegiance to England (see 1665) and ultimately create the Hudson’s Bay Company for England.

Chronological Order

39270 BC – North Node

6700 BC – Uranus

1600 BC – Pluto

10 AD – Saturn

720 AD – Mars

768 AD – Midheaven

862 AD – Neptune

1330 AD – The Moon

1650 AD – Ascendant

1655 AD – Chiron

1822 AD – Mercury

1855 AD – Venus

1883 AD – Jupiter

1892 AD – The Sun



After connecting with most of my “past lives”, I would like to explain something intrinsic: The energy of the times is symbolized by at least one ‘hero’. In my case, the overarching energy is that of a “Warrior”. I’ve been through a few battles, that’s for sure.

In the times past, especially the ones closer to the present time, there seems to be a doubling or trebling of incarnations. It seems entirely feasible that one’s spirit can inhabit more than one life at any one time. This may have been explained better in Jane Robert’s “The Education of Oversoul Seven”. The people from the past seem to be whispering in my ear: ‘Look here, look here.’

Whatever this Divine Life is actually about, I am always being exhorted to:

know thyself

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