Was “Ramsay” the Model for James Bond?

Richard Sorge (October 4, 1895 – November 7, 1944)

He has been called, by several people, “a perfect spy”. That reminded me of the John le Carré novel of the same name. But would a perfect spy have been caught and executed?

“Sorge was the man whom I regard as the most formidable spy in history.”

Ian Fleming (as quoted in Wikipedia)

I originally charted the time of Sorge’s birth randomly. And then I saw the detail of his being injured at age 20 years during the Great War. So, I rectified the chart to the placement of Mars at that age. And the result is a double Yod pointing to his Moon/Ascendant conjunction in Aries. That’s his ability to be chameleon-like with his public persona. But note that the inconjuncts are from Venus and Uranus: that’s the ‘oh-oh’ of the chart. Sorge had a reputation as a drunken womanizer. Perhaps the secondary Yod pointing at Uranus from the Moon/Ascendant and Neptune (in Gemini) modified the worst excesses of his cover story as a foreign correspondent and journalist. All I know is that he was caught by the Japanese, tried in court and sentenced to death by hanging. This was carried out 76 years ago today, in history.

Two inconjuncts carry the native spy energy to Sorge’s last breath: the Moon and the Ascendant; the Sun and Uranus. Now let’s look at these charts combined:

Now the double Yods (listed in Sorge’s birth chart above) get completed with the Sun and Mars conjunct in his ‘execution’ chart, while his ‘natal’ Midheaven is conjunct his ‘fatal’ Ascendant, with inconjuncts from his ‘natal’ Midheaven with his ‘fatal’ Moon/Pluto conjunction, and his ‘fatal’ Ascendant with his ‘natal’ Jupiter.

Yes, friends, his time was truly up.

But let’s consider one last thing: Ian Fleming objected to Sean Connery being chosen as James Bond in the early 60’s. But the resemblance is striking, is it not?


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4 Responses to Was “Ramsay” the Model for James Bond?

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  3. cdsmiller17 says:

    I had a dream once in the 1980’s where I was speaking Russian. At the time, I thought I was living two lives: one there (in Russia); and one here, in Canada. Now, I understand it differently. Parallel lives (with no time element) can be lived in any century in any place, in the NOW.


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