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Sir Eight was a Very Faithful Dog even until Death

Hachikō (November 10, 1923 – March 8, 1935) Now, you knew I couldn’t let this rest until I’d looked at this dog astrologically. His birth chart is randomized. I was really wanting to see if there were any inconjuncts not … Continue reading

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The Author who Shared the Remains of an Age with Us

Kazuo Ishiguro (November 9, 1954) Long before “Downton Abbey” the recent past in England was explored by Kazuo Ishiguro in his book “The Remains of the Day” in 1989. By 1993, this book was adapted into a film, starring Anthony … Continue reading

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Unfortunately, the Buckaroo did Not Stop with the 33rd President

Harry S Truman (May 8, 1884 – Dec 26, 1972) After Franklin D. Roosevelt died in the spring of 1945, Harry S Truman took over as President. Under his watch, the Americans tested and then used atomic bombs on Japan … Continue reading

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In View of Everything I’ve Learned Recently…

You Only Live Twice (1967) Of all the James Bond films, this is the one that ‘bothered’ me the most. Now I understand why. Past life memory can be a spur to look deeper, but it took something else to … Continue reading

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Honouring Their Love: She Outlived Them All

Hanako Ishii (May 13, 1911 – July 1, 2000) In the summer of 1936, a Japanese woman, Hanako Ishii, a waitress at a bar frequented by Sorge, moved into Sorge’s house to become his common-law wife. Of all of Sorge’s … Continue reading

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Was “Ramsay” the Model for James Bond?

Richard Sorge (October 4, 1895 – November 7, 1944) He has been called, by several people, “a perfect spy”. That reminded me of the John le Carré novel of the same name. But would a perfect spy have been caught … Continue reading

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Oops! Now I Know How They Do It

Robotcalls Recently, I’ve been getting calls that appear to present themselves as local cellphones. I kept wondering how they did that: had they hacked into mobiles in Midland, or what? Then a couple of calls came through from Japan. Japan? … Continue reading

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How to Win the Propaganda War

Five Came Back (2017) We all know that war is hell. So how do you get your country to support the war effort when it becomes a necessary evil? You make documentary films. This Netflix limited series is a brilliant … Continue reading

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